migrating users folders from server 03 to server 08

I am migrating about 2,000 user foldeers from a server 2003 box to a server 2008 R2 box, and I am using robocopy from 2008 server.
The NTFS permissions are comming over but not the shares.
Can someone suggest the easiest way I can re create the shares for all the home folders.

thanks in advance.
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has every user a share that has the same name like the users directory??
Jamesm007Author Commented:
Yes all shares are the same name as their directory but with a $
Only for user shares.

Move the files. Then in AD users & Computers on the accounts add a profile path e.g. \\server1\users\%username% and it will create the user share again.

hope this help.  
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Radhakrishnan RSenior Technical LeadCommented:
Download this software -  CopyRight2 from a company called Sys-Manage. It will copy all your shares including NTFS file permissions


You have to register for download.
Do you create a new share for each user ?

Normally you would create a single share for all users as shown below:

You then share the folder d:\userhome and each users would map a drive in their login script.

So user1's login script would then map g drive as follows:
g: drive (or whatever letter you like) as \\fileserver\userhome\user1

This way you only have 1 share but you set NTFS permissions on each user folder so they can only access their own.
Jamesm007Author Commented:
All options make sense. We currently use a man profile so I would have to try removing to create the share.

I like the idea of this program but I have started copying with robocopy - might be an overkill to start again.

As for the sharing one folder not sure if there is a disadvantage to this? Robocopy has brought along the individual security settings but if I share the root folder will that overwrite all permissions in the subfolders?
If you want to stick with individual shares run this from a command prompt in the parent folder:

for /d %%f in (*) do net share %%f=%%~ff /grant:<domain>\%%f,full /cache:none

replacing <domain> with your domain.

That will enumerate all subfolders, share them with the same name as their folder, then add full access rights to the user <domain>\foldername

(I've used this on server 2003, not tried 2008)
sorry missed the $, and that was from a batch file so only needs 1 % from command

for /d %f in (*) do net share %f$=%~ff /grant:<domain>\%f,full /cache:none

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Jamesm007Author Commented:
CGretski, i setup a test folder with known users and run the command and the error below was what i got running through CMD

%%f wa sunexpected at this time.
Jamesm007Author Commented:
thanks That seemed to work for the test, Im waiting for robocopy to finish its current directory and I will try it and see how it looks.
This is nice and easy if it will do the trick! Ill let you know soon
Sometimes with Robocopy you only see the shares after boiuncing the server, or restarting netlogon service
Jamesm007Author Commented:

so youre saying robocopy in server 08 R2 will create the sahres for me? this is what I was unsure about.

If it does, I will have to wait untilt he process finishes and I will bounce the server to see if it has worked.
Jamesm007Author Commented:

I am trying to run your script in CMD but I get an error for each folder. "
The system cannot find the file specified."

It did work initially when I tried it on the same box, not sure if Ive missed something.

Any ideas.
Jamesm007Author Commented:
ignore that, I wasnt replacing <domain>

That works great BUT... if I try and map the share, I cant map it, although when I check the sharing properties foldername$ is shared.
Very strange.

So what I have had to do is put in the username path in the profile path and change the drive mapping of the users home folder to point to the path %username%$ and then I can map the share.

Not sure if theres something else I can do without having to go through the extra steps?
How are you trying to map the share, are you getting an error as you try map the share?

Who are you tryng to map the shares as? - that script only gave access to the user with the same name as the folder.
Also, check the filesystem permissions of the folder.

Jamesm007Author Commented:
I am trying to map the share as administrator. Even if I log in as the user it doesnt map.
mapping share by : \\servername\foldername$

If I was to run the share wizard, and the wizard shows the correct user$ share, all I do is just hit the share button it works.

Alternatively I can go through AD and enter the profile and login path and this seems to "wake up" the share that has been created by the script.

Note this is on a Server 08 box.

I can work around it, so its better than what i was doing earlier, but if you knew what could be causing this, it would be even better!
Jamesm007Author Commented:
CGretski should get some points as this gave me a partial solution and got me out of trouble - even though the admin did not have access.
Sorry for the delayed response - my bad.
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