How do I setup my Citrix XenApp 5.0 to work with iPhone & iPad?


Our physician's would like to access application on our Citrix farm from iPhone and iPad. How can I accomplish this with my current environment?


Server #1: Server 2008 Std 64bit - is the Data Collector that runs my apps, it also has the application (EMR) installed with terminal server that configured and listed on Citrix XenApp
Not a DC, however in RAPA.local domain

Server #2:, Server 2003 Std, SP2, 32bit, 4GB RAM and Disk space 67.70, free 59.22GB - Citrix Web Interface and Citrix Secure Gateway
Not a DC, however in my domain (RAPA.local)
Citrix Web Interface Version:
Citrix Secure Gateway: 3.1
IIS V6.0

Web Interface Secure Client Access Settings
Name: https://Citrix.myrapadocs.com444/Citrix/XenApp
Gateway Direct/Non translating firewalls
Jaime CamposAsked:
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Jaime CamposAuthor Commented:
Does my current environment meet the requirements to accomplish this project or do I need to upgrade?  
Not required this will support
Jaime CamposAuthor Commented:
Ok....I tried the steps, but I've first upgraded my WI to 5.3, CSG to 3.2 and Access Management console. Now I am unable to see WI under Configuration Tools, therefore I cannot see config.xml file. I do have WI management console but doesn't allow me to expand PNAgent site and select config.xml/manage server settings.

Any idea why?

I may need to reinstall a whole new Services site, but I do not know where to begin. Can you help me out please?

Jaime CamposAuthor Commented:
I've completed the Services site/PNAgent, and it works. Sometimes my PNAgent loses connection to the server and I don't understand why. It will prompt me for PNAgent site server path on Application server and then say it can not make connection with server. It will work sometimes and then disconnect. Any idea why this happens?
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