How to resolve W2k server DC problem

3 computers running Windows 2000 server
2 computers are PCs running as Domain Controllers
1 computer is a server acting as a file server
Barracuda Web Filter is installed on LAN

On Monday, the primary DC's hard drive crashed. It was turned off. The second DC and the file server were rebooted. Users were able to log in to network but are having intermittent rights issues. Such as:

When they try to access a previously accessible website, the Barracuda web filter is bringing up a log in screen for authorization. (usually no log in screen is displayed as they are given access thru the Barracuda). When they enter their credentials, they don't work. The only log in credentials that work are mine. I am a Admin equivalent and am not a part of any of the groups that are used by the rest of the users. My account was entered into the Barracuda as a single account. The others get their access from being a part of an AD LDAP group. When I try to add that group, Barracuda brings back an error message stating that it cannot access the LDAP server.

2nd issue, they have a dedicated PC running eCopy software as part of their document management system. It is connected to a Konica scanner. The system has to be constantly be reboot as the PC locks up when trying to run a scan. When troubleshooting the condition, I have found that the user that is used to log in to the network is not getting its rights.


I thought that when one DC goes down, the second one automatically takes over for it. In this case it is allowing them to log in but not get all their rights. They are able to access the files on the file server, print to networked printers, but otherwise have are not to do business as usual.

What do I have to do to the second DC to get it to take over for the first one?

thanks in advance.
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Mike KlineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is the DC that went down coming back up or are you all considering it dead and gone and not fixing it?

If dead and gone

Seize any FSMO roles off that box to DC 2

Run a metadata cleanup of the dead DC

Was DC2 a global catalog server too (hopefull yes)

How is baracuda configured....I've heard the ads but have not used it.  Does it point to DC1 by name or IP?

Another thing to really think about is to now get another DC up once this is fixed.  You are dealing with old boxes and right now if your current DC dies you have a lot more work on your hands.



Justin OwensConnect With a Mentor ITIL Problem ManagerCommented:
You need to do a few things:
  1. Seize your FSMO roles on your running DC.
  2. Clean up the metadata and get rid of references to your old DC which crashed.
  3. Point any programs/devices to your new primary DC (DHCP, your proxy, scanner, anything which uses LDAP, etc).
After you have done all this, your errors should go away.  You will be able to rebuild your new DC with your new hard drive and add it as a member server then promote it to a DC status.

If you need help with any of those steps, let me know.

Justin OwensITIL Problem ManagerCommented:
Sorry, Mike.  We are all over each others posts today...
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RSchiererAuthor Commented:
Great stuff guys! To answer Mike's question, the pc/server's hard drive that crashed is not coming back. It was turned off. When I was troubleshooting it, I could not get past the BSOD upon booting. Could not get into safe mode either. So it is offline permanently as we were in the process of discussing an upgrade and this just pushed it from maybe next month to give me a price!!!!

Can I still get the FSMO off the first DC even though it doesn't start up? And if I can't (which I guess I am answering my own question) what would be the next way to get the 2nd one to take care of business?
Justin OwensITIL Problem ManagerCommented:
Follow Mike's first link to walk you through seizing your FSMO roles, but yes, you can and MUST.  It is your next step.
Mike KlineCommented: problems about that; more good answers = better things to think about for the person that asked....and you always respond with good relevant info :)
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