Which version of Novell Client should I use when attaching Windows 2003 to a Netware 4.11 server?

Using Window's native Netware client works fine... but when I've tried running Novell Client 4.91 sp5 (the only one I can find to download from Novell) it doesn't see the Netware box.

Unfortunately, I need Netware's Novell client to install Arcserve's Netware client.
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Ditto Rindi..  Uninstall the client, then re-install using the "custom" option.  Choose IPX ONLY as the protocol.  Enter the tree name and so forth.  It should now see the server.   Depending on the vintage of the Backup Exec, IPX may be enough, but it may also want to see IP on the NW server.  One thing at a time, let's get the workstation connected.
I'd use Novell Client 4.91 SP5 for Windows 2003.
Also, make sure your 4.11 server has the latest support pack installed, that'll avoid any unexpected incompatibilities.
TapeDudeAuthor Commented:
As I said, I've tried 4.91 sp5, but no dice. And I can't to get Novell's website to give me any earlier versions to try.

The Netware 4.11box has SP9 installed (the latest available)
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Sorry, I misread your question.
It doesn't see the tree or it doesn't see the server?  Any error messages?  Are the client and server on the same subnet, different subnets?
TapeDudeAuthor Commented:
It doesn't see the server. There are no error messages... it just acts like there's no Netware Server connected - whereas the native Windows Netware client has no problem accessing the Netware server's drives.

Not sure what you mean by subnets :-)
The clients find the server by listening to broadcasts, if you're not on the same subnet, say you are and the server is, then the broadcasts are being blocked by a router.  But NetWare has ways around this by employing SLP DA agents.  Read on, see if you have this setup and if not see if you can set it up.  If I recall correctly there may be a way around this by setting up a static entry to query SLP.
As far as I know, netware 4.11 still uses IPX/SPX and not TCP/IP as networking protocol. It's also very unlikely that newer arcserve versions will work with IPX. I think though that you can add TCP/IP support to netware 4.11. Have you added that (and if possible also disabled IPX/SPX on that server? That may be necessary to get it working under newer environments.
TapeDudeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the mid-weekend replies, guys.

As Bud suggested, I reinstalled Novell client using the 'custom' option, and have enabled IPX, and can now log on to the Netware server. Now that NW client is enabled, Arcserve allowed me to install the Arcserve Netware agent.

But to restore Netware files, Arcserve still wants a TCP IP number, so I've added TCPIP over IPX to the Netware box. But I can't see any way to determine what the number is... any ideas?
TapeDudeAuthor Commented:
OK, Bud's solution (re-install Novell Client with the IPX option) was the answer to my question. Other points awarded for helping out on a weekend :-)

In the end, I re-installed Novell Client with IPX and TCPIP, enabled TCPIP on the netware box, and bound it to IPX.

The Arcserve restoration is working, albeit stunningly slowly.
TapeDudeAuthor Commented:
Speeding up Arcserve restore on Netware 4.11:

Edit the asconfig.ini file in sys:\nwagent.

Edit the asconfig.ini file (usually found in the sys:nwagent directory) and

i) add


to the end of the NWAgent load line, i.e.


should read


and ii) if the following line:

    [Netware backup/restore]

doesn't exist, add it, and add


save file and exit.

On the Netware box, type

       load monitor !H

go to server parameters, communications, and switch off TCP Nagle Algorithm and TCP Delayed ACK5

save, and restart server.

This sped up performance by 40x !

Apologies, forgot TCP/IP was not included with 4.11.  You can load TCP/IP on 4.11.  Load TCPIP and bind it to your network adapter.  Give it an IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway.
ArcServe should work very nicely across an all IP network.  bonus points to get IPX off yoru network by having all your clients connect to the server via IP.  IPX is somewhat of a chatty protocol.
TapeDudeAuthor Commented:
Further to my earlier posting regards speeding up Arcserve by switching off TCP Nagle Algorithm and TCP Delayed ACK5:...

Although this is recommended by Computer Associates (publisher of Arcserve) DON'T DO IT

Some very peculiar things start happening within the NDS filing system if you do.
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