Exchange 2010 Transport Rule to replace sender address?

Here's what I am looking to do.  We are a software company that also provides IT support.  We want our clients to be able to send an email to one general address, but use transport rules in exchange to redirect emails to specific distribution groups such as itsupport@... or softwaresupport@... based on keywords in the subject.  This is working great currently, however when I "reply to all" on that email it includes the client email AND the general address that the client sent the email to.

I was wondering if there is a way to configure exchange using these transport rules or other methods to replace the sender address with the address of the departments distribution group so that when a developer replies to all, it will only send to others in that group and not back to the general address.

If this doesn't make sense I apologize, feel free to ask me questions to clarify.  Thanks.
The problem is that no matter what when someone that
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craig_j_LawrenceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The Exchange 2010 edge transport allows for both inbound and outbound address rewriting, take a look at the following article:

This should be able to do what you need
you can do anything on exchange 2010.

have fun
nexsyisAuthor Commented:
Thanks Craig, I should have mentioned I am not using an edge server currently.  Can I install the edge server role on the same exchange box without causing any issues?
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Sadly no, the edge role cannot co locate with other roles.
nexsyisAuthor Commented:
Is there any way to remove a "to" recipient from an email without rewrite?
not that I am aware of
nexsyisAuthor Commented:
Wasn't a final solution, but it at least helped me understand I couldn't do what I was looking to do with my current exchange setup.  
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