How to get front panel leads to fit motherboard

I've never built a computer before, but I figured that with the help of Google and Micro Center, it shouldn't be too difficult.  However, it seems that I've hit a problem that is relatively unheard of.  

I have a PowerSpec TX 366 chassis, and a Biostar A780L motherboard.  The leads coming out of the front panel of the computer don't fit the pins on the motherboard.  To show you what I mean, here's a depiction:

R = red
G = green
B = blue
O = orange
W = white
b = black
c = closed (no hole or no pin)
e = empty (hole with no wire)


   6  9


   1   5


   9      16


   1      8

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The color code on the motherboard is as follows:
1-4 are for the speaker
5 and 6 are for the HDD LED
7 and 8 are for the reset button
9 and 10 are for the sleep button
12-14 are for the power LED (12 and 13 are +, 14 is -)
15 and 16 are for the on/off button

As far as I can tell, these don't match in any way.  Am I missing something?  If not, what can I do to use this combination of case and motherboard?  (I've already installed many of the components and would rather avoid removing them, if possible.)

Thanks in advance!
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dreamcomputer2000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Sounds like your options include finding an old case, cutting the cables, and splicing them onto yours--ouch!
Well, this is usually a bit of a challenge. Page 13 of the motherboard manual shows where the wires from the front panel should go. Usually the wire connectors have letters on to identify them, otherwise you can trace them back to their source in order to find out where they should be plugged in. Don't be too worried about polarity on the led lines, if the led's don't work just turn the connector around. Good luck building your first, it becomes an addiction as new technology comes on the scene.
h2g2guyAuthor Commented:
What?  There's a manual?!

Just kidding.  The only documentation that came with the darn thing was a quick setup guide, so thanks for alerting me to the existence of that document.  

Unfortunately, while that does help, that didn't solve my problem.  My problem is that there is only one, consolidated connector that comes from the front panel, and that the cable doesn't fit the slots on the motherboard.  

Any other ideas?  
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The consolidated connector wouldn't happen to be for USB would it?
h2g2guyAuthor Commented:
Nope, I have a seperate connector for the USB ports.
h2g2guyAuthor Commented:
Heh, ouch indeed.

I'm going to head back to Micro Center and see what they say.  I'll certainly suggest that idea; it sounds like a safer way to do what I've been thinking about doing.  

Come to think of it, is it possible to buy extension cables for the individual cables?  That way I can be more certain of the quality of the cables, instead of randomly guessing about the cables from the ancient computers in my garage!

Thanks, and I'll be back in an hour or two for a status update!
I am not aware of any extension cables, don't worry about cable quality, only 5 volts max and no data transferred on those wires anyway.
h2g2guyAuthor Commented:
Problem solved!

When I went back to Micro Center, they were very nice and, since it was a very unique problem and the woman that made sure that everything would work together for me was wrong, they did an even exchange and I got a different case with seperate wires this time!

Thanks for the excellent idea, though.  You deserve the 2,000 points.
Glad things worked out for you! Thanks for the points
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