how to solve 0xffffffff error in schedules task.

how to solve 0xffffffff  error in schedules task.  The task is set to run with a domain account which is member of local administrator.
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evanmcnallyConnect With a Mentor IT ConsultantCommented:
Does the account have Logon as a Batch Job rights?  Local Administrators group should have this, but worth double checking.

For the name of the account that will execute the job, have you included the domain in the credentials (for example  "domainname\username"  )?
m_p_biswalAuthor Commented:
Yes it's part of Local Administrators and it's set with domain name.   (as per your example)
What does the scheduled task log show?
Scheduled tasks maintains a log file (Schedlgu.txt), in the c:\Windows folder. You can view the log from the Scheduled Tasks window by clicking View Log on the Advanced menu.

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