Books for Exchange Server 2010 and Windows Server 2008

Please let me know the recommended books to read regarding : Configuring, Managing , Migration and Trouble shooting for the below topics:

1. Exchange Server 2010

2. Windows Server 2008 R2

3. Active Directory

Thanks in advance!
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o0JoeCool0oAuthor Commented:
Other than Microsoft book for windows server 2008, any other recommendations ?

For Exchange Server 2010 , any other recommendation as a second reference.
sunnyc7Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Best resources for Exchange



Check Virtual Labs / Hands on Labs online

Exchange 2010

I find books a little hard to manage.
One main reason being - many times I feel most of the stuff has been copy pasted from their other books.

If you want only ONE BOOK to clear all your Windows Concepts (before you delve into Exchange), this is it.
Windows 2000 Distributed Systems Guide
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