IPOD doesn't see valid-DRM-licensed WMA library files transferred to it by Overdrive Media Console

Overdrive Media Console definitely says it supports putting WMA files on IPODs. The DRM protection is worked out betweem WMP and OMC apparently. And this setup works to put WMA files on a Zen Vision player. But I can't get the IPOD to display the WMA file info, even tho the files are on the ipod.

On a Vista Home Premium SP2 computer running Overdrive Media Console v3.2.0.4 and Itunes, we download WMA files with DRM protection from the Califa Northern California Digital Library.

Thru Overdrive Media Console, we first download the WMA files to the vista folder, and then transfer them to the IPOD, using the OMC wizards. The IPOD is model m9282ll, ver 3.1.1.

When I browse the root folder of the IPOD, the WMA files are there,.

But when I unplug the ipod, I can't find any related file info.  

Also, the files don't appear in ituines. (If I manually add the wma mfiles to itunes, it tries to convert wma to mpe and says it can't due to protection. But note - the wma files can be transferred normally to a zen using OMC)
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ocanada_techguyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I guess, unless you misunderstood.  If their staff misrepresented and misled you, ask for free product compensation or something.
Sometimes 1 and 1 and 1 doesn't equal "all 3", sometimes it's 1 and/or 1 and/or 1.  It's one thing if the support staff say in one sentence OMD supports WMA, in a separate sentence say OMD supports various devices including iPhone/iPads, both are correct but it does not mean you can combine them at the same time.  If support says WMA can be "put" on an iPhone (*ahem) "as in storage like a memory stick", as I explained, while that's technically true in a limited sense it does NOT mean the iPhone/iPad device will play it, so to say so is certainly misleading if the asker's intent.
If OMD was an iPhone "App" that did the actual playing, maybe it could, but I don't get that impression, the impression I get is it is a DRM licence managed content facilitator, using each platform's native player to play on said device.
From what I read here #3 most FAQ'd: http://www.overdrive.com/software/omc/faq.aspx#question-03 seems to me their site clearly says iPhone/iPad supports EPUB eBooks and MP3 Audiobooks, but as you can see WMA Audiobooks and Music and WMV video is confined to OMD on Windows and Windows Mobile.
could be this
or this
How to play iTunes music and M4V movies on ZEN Vision in a legal way
ZEN Vision M supports WAV, MP3, WMA, DRM-protected WMA audio files, and WMV, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4 videos. Creative's ZEN Vision is really an ideal music player on the move. But when you purchase music from iTunes, you will be frustrated by the fact that Creative's ZEN Vision is not able to play iTunes DRM protected music.
dgrrrAuthor Commented:
I'm only concerned about getting the library files to play on the IPOD.

I didn't try this (from OMC website):
    * The iTunes setting 'Manually manage music…' must be enabled for the device before you can complete the transfer. Adjust this setting as follows…

I'll give it a shot
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I think what Overdrive is trying to say is that unencrypted non-DRMed audiobooks will work. You either need a seperate device to play Overdrive books or get your books from a different source, such as:
www.audible.com (if you poke around you can get promotions which are pretty good.) (subscription)
itunes (same as audible a la carte)
barnes and noble (bn.com)
dgrrrAuthor Commented:
Overdrive says I have to get it updated correctly. Waiting for chance to totally uninstall it, make suggested delestions from hd & registry, then reinstall.
dgrrrAuthor Commented:
I got Overdrive Media Console updated (finally) to the most recent version, and of course it made no difference.
I never knew iPods to play .wma files.   As far as I know they won't.

You're posting very detailed information as though this should work, but I don't think it will.

Early iPods didn't even play mp3 only .aac, once they played .mp3 that's when Apple sales and stock shot like a rocket.
Likewise most plain-ole MP3 players would not play .aac, and only later versions might, I say might, play .wma, Microsoft's Zune and windows smartphones obviously.
It's sort of like HFS filesystem Apple works with, NTFS filesystem Windows works with, but only FAT32 formatted drives are supported by both.
Well speaking of drives, iPods/iPhones "appear" to be a drive letter when attached to a Windows machine.  However that's the "leftover" space on the device that can be used as a thumbdrive, but it is NOT the space on the device that the iPod uses for it's internal music playing.
So, you may have copied your music to the device using WMP, and if you carry the device to other computers they will see that content on the device-as-a-drive, but the device itself is not going to show or play it no.
Most plain-ole mp3 players, you just plunk the mp3 files on it like it's a thumbdrive and it will see and play those.  Not so iPods/iPhones.  That's one of the reasons the record companies like Apple, they make it difficult to copy from iPod to iTunes so difficult to share with friends or pirate, you have to go from iTunes to iPod.
Trying to do it any other way is difficult, so people give up and just use iTunes.  And that's the way Apple likes it.
There are bridge programs, such as http://www.mediafour.com/products/xplay or instead of WMP some like MediaMonkey and use an iPhone plug-in for that.  I think there may even be an iPod/iPhone plug-in for WinAmp.  http://www.experts-exchange.com/Apple/Hardware/iPODs/iPod/Q__27019906.html

But, IMHEO, I could be wrong, but no I think no amount of futzing is going to get an iPod to play a .wma , no.
Brute force, some would say play the licenced content on the machine with the licence, and while it is playing try recording with an audio recorder, such as Audacity.  Then save recording as MP3, which will play, unlicenced.  In Canada this is permitted as long one holds a license to the content. In other jurisdictions this may be a violation of the licence and/or copyright and/or applicable laws.
Just a side quiry,
I know what IMHO is >in my humble opinion
but what does >IMHEO< lol just curious
lol it's "in my humble expert opinion", a bit o sarcasm with tongue firmly planted in cheek ;P ar ar
dgrrrAuthor Commented:
Why would the OMD support people keep telling the world point blank that OMD allows WMA to go onto IPHONEs? Are they just reading off a script?
ocanada_techguyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is where they seem to contradict themselves http://www.overdrive.com/software/omc/faq.aspx#question-08
So, what it can transfer to the device but won't friggin play?!  Nail 'em for it, 'cause I don't think there's an acceptable explanation for that.
MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
lol ocanada_techguy

IMFEHO <> In my Female Humble Expert Opinion. The point of dgrrr's question is missed
What he wants to know about and why> I can't get the IPOD to display the WMA file info,
even tho the files are on the ipod.
I think it's the nature of DRM and in it's native player connecting to Grace Notes
 once it's removed from that source the tags are also removed. Well they are still there just hidden.
It maybe the ho the trademarks or the sellers have tagged their products
or it's removed n the method you transfer them.
DRM are strange id tags and all seem differ from shop to shop
Share DRM Music does not bypass WMA copy-protections so try this

Ahhhh, you believe it (OMD?) is converting the WMA to MP3 when it puts it on the iPod / iPhone / iPad, and the problem is merely there's no tags in the resulting MP3.  That's possible, if songs have no tags or bad header info the device would not show it in any menu, not by artist or song title or genre or album.

My theory is it is a WMA file copied to the device, and so the host computer's Windows OS and/or Windows Media Player show the WMA is copied to the device, but the device won't show it on any of it's menus NOR be able to play it because it's still a WMA and iPods don't decode or play those, they don't see their tags either.  (Same would apply to WMV.)

The reason I think this is, in part because @dgrrr wrote
When I browse the root folder of the IPOD, the WMA files are there,.
 and, also because I see people make that mistake/have that misunderstanding all the time (namely that they can copy files directly from OS to the device that appears as a usb attached drive letter, exactly like WMP and most all MP3 players do it, expecting that will "add" it to the device's internal music library, but it doesn't, the iTunes library on the device is only updated via iTunes or iPhone iTunes Store online purchases, or else a kind of "jailbreaking" using a tool like iPodCopy, XPlay, etc)
dgrrrAuthor Commented:
I will review this and respond asap
dgrrrAuthor Commented:
Must review
that sounds pretty good and would make sense :)
DRM audio would need to be moved via the host player to retain it's DRM tags info etc etc.
These files are being transferred  from Overdrive Media Console to Ipad
this may assist you
How to tell which WMA titles can be transferred to an Apple device
With WMA audiobooks, publishers establish the permissions for each title. One of those possible permissions is to allow transfer of a WMA audiobook to an Apple device.

If you've already downloaded the audiobook to OverDrive Media Console on your computer, you can find the permissions by going to Properties > License. The 'Transfer to Apple device' field indicates whether or not transfer to Apple devices is allowed.


More questions worth a look here from OverDrive
dgrrr just sending you a ping, please be a responsible member and take care of your question.
If you nolonger need this please accept solutions and close it or let us know if you still need assistance.
Regards Merete
dgrrrAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately I do not have access to the devices in question, but I think you guys had it figured out.
Cheers mate thanks for closing it.
All the Best
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