Windows Media Player 11 won't burn more than one track to a disc from an album.

I have multiple albums stored on my pc (Dell Inspiron 8600/Windows XP).  Occasionally I burn copies of them to a blank CD-R or CD-RW to keep elsewhere.  Usually just drag the ablum to the burn list, pop in a blank, and click Start Burn.  Now all of a sudden, after years of no issues, I have this problem with the CD-Rs:

After the tracks on the album go through their usual "preparation" process, the first track gets burned, then Media Player says it is finalizing disc, then a message pops up saying an error was encountered during the burn with no error number referenced at all.  None of the remaining tracks past the first one are even attempted!, even though they are on the burn list as usual!  ???  I'm confused.  I've tried the following with no change in result:

1) have closed all other programs during the burn.
2) tried various blank discs to make sure the disc isn't at fault
3) tried both CD-Rs and CD-RWs, CD-Rs are the only one having trouble right now but never in the past!, I've burned have a huge box of CD-Rs over the past year, same albums, same Media Player, same computer, now all of a sudden they don't work.  CD-RW does.  Harumph.
4) have closed Windows Media Player and re-opened
5) have shut down entire computer and re-started/re-opened
6) have tried burning different albums, they all do the same thing, first track only then error

I don't use Windows Media for too many other functions but the basic Ripping and Playing functions seem just fine.

???I'm at a loss.  Can anyone help?  I play these copies in the background of my massage therapy practice so having them is important to my business.....I use the copies because they get oiled and scratched easily in that handling environment so I can't rely on only an original of my favorite massage albums.  I'd appreciate any wisdom.

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2BatPeaceConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks for taking the time.  It didn't occur to me to go back up to my original posted question (since I knew what I'd said), and in error I only looked at the button options inside the replies.  My cd writing problem continues to be intermittant, sometimes it works, sometimes the burn works, sometimes it doesn't, sometimes it appears to work but the resulting cd has skips in it, sometimes, not.  What I've come to learn is I don't have enough extra time to nurse technical assistance in a timely way so I'll "accept solution" on this posting.  Sure appreciate everyone's time.  
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Do you have any other disk burning software installed?  Can you try creating a disk with that (outside of WMP) to see if we can pin it down to the software.
Are all the CD-Rs from the same batch/box?
An alternative burner, if required and is freeware
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2BatPeaceAuthor Commented:
"Do you have any other disk burning software installed?  Can you try creating a disk with that (outside of WMP) to see if we can pin it down to the software."  I think there are one or two other burners on the PC, maybe Sonic?, but it's been a couple of years since I've used them.

"Are all the CD-Rs from the same batch/box?"  So far yes, but that batch/box was a tall stack of memorex CD-Rs and the first half the box is far now there are 4 blanks that have produced the above problem making me think it wasn't the discs themselves.  

2BatPeaceAuthor Commented:
"An alternative burner, if required and is freeware
CdBurnerXP"  Thanks!  I'll keep this in mind but would prefer to understand, move the learning curve, on what happened with WMP.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Try burning (anything) using Sonic or another package just to check that the process is working OK.
Can you source a blank CD-R from another place? The reason for asking is I've twice had spindles where heat & light contamination has damaged the media - probably not in your case but worth checking that everything else is good before pursuing WMP (and because CD-RWs - presumably from another source - seem OK).
2BatPeaceAuthor Commented:
Masqueraid, thanks for the "why" behind your idea - that helps me know why I'm going through the steps.  I'll try both a different burner and a different set of CD-Rs per your suggestion...may take a day or two before I have time so I'll post again when I either have success or failure or feedback!  Ball in my court.   :)
What comes to my mind is the drive possibly failing?outdated bad laser dirty laser?
refs to>>Now all of a sudden, after years of no issues,<< have you tried a firmware update?
WMP may have updated over the years, along with lots of other things like drivers.
Also take a look at the burn speed is WMP burning the recomended speed as the discs state?
2BatPeaceAuthor Commented:
Sorry it took me a while to re-post here.  Precious little time for problem solving but so grateful for your suggestions so far.

Merete:  I have ruled out burn speed as being the issue, the hangup occured regardless of fast or slow speed.  However, your point about a drive or laser being dysfunctional certainly seems reasonable, my pc is about 5 years old.  You asked if I've tried a firware update....hmmm, don't know what firmware is but I shall google right away and start learning.

Masquerade and Others:  Well, I commandeered a handful of TDX CD-Rs and so far the 1st one worked just fine!  My prior pack of Memorex CD-Rs wasn't near heat nor light to the best of my knowledge but since halfway the stack I ran into this problem and now a new CD-R bypasses the problem, well, yikes, I'll just be grateful if this is the solution even if I don't clearly know why!

Have not yet tried burning a disc with another program, strictly a time limitation (have only a few minutes each week to work on this) but it is on my list if I need to keep problem solving.

So far so good with the fresh CD-Rs and I'll keep burning a few more to see if consistent.

Thanks all.
2BatPeace firmware update is the newer drivers for the DVD/CD rom drive itself but applying drivers for that particular model such LG use LG firmware or Pioneer and so on.
But looking good with the fresh discs, cheap discs are cheap because they stick on a lable and that acts as a mirror producing these bubbles underneath or start to lift somewhere and often times the lable gets damaged even in the slightest warp will cause a no burn.
2BatPeaceAuthor Commented:
I've tried variations of all the above posts.  Sometimes some of them work sometimes they don't.  I'm too overwhelmed with it (and too little time) to keep digging a deeper hole.  Thanks everyone for trying to help.  I don't understand Experts-Exchange website well enough to understand how to close a session even if the solutions didn't end in resolve.  In other words, how do I get the post to 'not be open' without accepting a solution.  I'm sure they were smart enough solutions - just aren't working for me within my capacity.  I feel entangled in the site over my head.  I have found the cancellation button at last.
hello 2BatPeace simple enough if no one assisted you you have 2 options accept your own comment with the solution posted
 or ask a moderator to close/delete as no solutions were found.
Look at the botrtom of your original question box at right>Request Attention.
Delete your question
If you are not getting the kinds of responses that will lead to a solution, you should consider deleting your question and trying again. The Delete Question button is located near the text of your original post.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
You're welcome - sometimes there just isn't a workable solution so never feel deletion is a problem.
Does sound like a new drive is on the cards though!
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