moving hard drive from one computer to the other using Windows 7

I have two ASUS pentium 4 computers.
Computer B is a little faster than computer A.
I made a clone of the hard drive in computer A.
I manually uninstalled all drivers in the clone drive before moving it to computer B.
When I tried starting windows I got.
Windows Boot Manager
Status 0xc000000e
The boot selecttion failed because a required device is inaccessible.

Any specific ideas would be appreciated.
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ppdogsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
sysprep the original machine before you image it, start -> run -> sysprep, (make sure you back it up if you dont wont the original machine to go thourugh re detetct). Then do OOBE shutdown. image and boot it up on the second machine. it should go through and re-detect all the hardware.
Hello TrueBlue,

Do you have multiple hard drives in computer A or computer B? I have seen this problem occur when using multiple drives.

I suggest you boot using the Windows 7 startup disc and do a repair. This shouldn't take very long and will probably resolve the boot failure.

TrueBlueAuthor Commented:
I only have one hard drive in each computer.
I tried the repair, but it said it could not repair it.
I tried running it in computer A after cloning the original hard drive and it booted fine.
Any other ideas?
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Do both computers have the same type of hard drive? (SATA vs IDE vs SCSI)  If they are different, you may need to edit the "C:\boot.ini" file.
This used to be possible in Windows XP, but is difficult to achieve in Windows 7.

When you move it to a computer with different hardware, Windows looks for the old hardware...and obviously doesn't see it...causing big problems...even though you uninstalled the drivers first, I don't think that's enough.

It's not at all advisable to move a Windows drive to another (different) system.

For more help try HERE:

 and then

HERE: to do a repair install which may fix it.

I would strongly advise a new clean install from scratch to avoid any other issues.
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
are you sure the two ASUS motherboards are similar or compatible with each other?

for a Windows OS, the recommended way to move HD from one computer to another is NOT to clone it, use SysPrep + ImageX instead.

however, as per your current situation, please refer the following MKSB to repair the Windows installation.

hope it helps,
TrueBlueAuthor Commented:
both hard drives are ide
Thare is no boot.ini in win7 and you cannot do a repair install because you need win7 running, unlike xp.
What flavor of win7 are you using?
TrueBlueAuthor Commented:
Windows 7 Professional
In any event, image software is your best option. You can also check clonezilla, free.
Good luck 
TrueBlueAuthor Commented:
I used True Image 2010 and got no errors.
It is more of a different set of drivers in computer B.
Just can not figure out why Windows 7 will not install them.
Where do you get SysPrep + ImageX from?
centervConnect With a Mentor Commented:
7 Pro has a boot partition as well as the C: partition. Did you image both to the new drive?
Also, you may want to leave the drivers alone in case the system may get damaged unknowingly.
Acronis has option to install bare metal. Check that option when reimaging to 2nd drive. (Not totally sure about that in the home vrs.).
Is key oem? That will definately be an issue if not similar harware with same oem key.
More info needed for explicit directions.

Sysprep.exe is in win7. For single drive, just take that drive (cloned from other so you have a backup) and put in other machine. imaging not needed.  When you start new machine, you will get prompted as if installing  windows for first time and also need to enter  key and verify.
bbaoConnect With a Mentor IT ConsultantCommented:
please see below the official information regarding Windows 7 deployment including where to get more resources about it.

Windows 7 Deployment Question and Answer

basically, everything you need, including the SysPrep plus ImageX, can be found from the AIK of W7 below. moreover, this version of AIK can be also used to deploy Vista SP1/SP2 and W2K8.

The Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK) for Windows 7

hope it helps,
Freaky_FridayConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Boot from the Windows 7 disc again and  try the following command: bootrec.exe. Check the following Microsoft KB article for directions:

nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i swapped the disk with w7 between PC's - without changing anything, and it started installing everything automatic; no problems at all.

it can be your W7 loader points to another disk -  are you sure it is on the disk you clone?
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