Jumpy cursor on DELL XPS 1530M

Hi All,

We have upgraded a DELL XPS1530 from Vista to 7 and since when the user works with MS Word docs the cursor keeps jumping o the bottom of the page.

We have tried a few thing and also disabled the touchpad but is still happening. There is no official 7 driver for this machine.

Thanks in advance.
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CompTroubConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Solved, it rurned out to be a faulty keyboard page down key was bad. Thanks everyone.
Nothing much to tell you...
Either try a clean install (no upgrade) or try and use some other
drivers (from another model that has W7 drivers) that will work with W7 (until new ones come along).
Sometimes drivers from different models work....
CompTroubAuthor Commented:
hmm there's got to be a way... I did the another driver from DELL.
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not clear on this....
does this happen when using a mouse ?
if so then touchpad must be disabled (dont know dell but lenovo
has a button for this).
seen similar behavior when mouse is used on too reflective or non reflective  surface....
CompTroubAuthor Commented:
it happens with touchpad disabled as well.
...and this happens only in one application?
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