Wild card filter for list view in sharepoint 2010

Hii All
I have sharepoint 2010. and i have one document library and in document library i have create 100 document sets. and under document set i do have some documents. now user wants to filter data by clolumn ( metadata). i added text filter out of box web part. it works fine with exact string. but user wants to search by begin with method. But i can n ot search like that.

So i am finding any third party web part or any trick so i can filter list view web part by  begin with keyward.

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KWizCom has a list filter that will let you use asterisks as a wildcard: http://www.kwizcom.com/productpage.asp?ProductID=404&ProductSubNodeID=405
guessdipAuthor Commented:
Thanks Dude
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