Cheapest web hosting for .NET web applicaiton nopCommerce

Can anyone recommend any .NET web hosting service? I do not intend to use this for commercial purposes. I’m using it solely for my education and learning .NET programming.

I need to use the web application nopCommerce.

I’ve heard is quite good.

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kaskhedikar_tusharConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello, or hostmysite is the cheap, reliable & its provide good services.

Tushar Kaskhedikar
kaskhedikar_tusharConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Bluehost is good for Linux server. Try with 111webhosting & VPS.

Tushar Kaskhedikar
profgeekConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1&1 does .NET and it has always worked quite well for me for my .NET apps.
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goyal_251Connect With a Mentor Commented:
goduddy is cheap and reliable...
jeremyllAuthor Commented:
would like some more responses
Hi jeremyll,

Can I ask if you found a good (cheap) .NET web hosting service since you posted this?

I'm using nopCommerce now and I'm looking for a hoster.
I'm considering because I used them before and
they were pretty good for the price.
Basic ASP.NET hosting is cheap, but when you have to add SQL Server, SSL, etc.,
it becomes more expensive.

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