How i can export contacts from iphone to SIM


is there any possible way to export contacts from iphone to SIM.
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geoffkendalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't think so, it's a one way thiing if i remeber...

You could always sync the iPhone with outlook or similar, then get a nokia phone, install nokia data suite, sync the contacts from outlook onto nokia. then use nokia to copy them to a SIM.

naushadjadoonAuthor Commented:
thanks for your reply but can you please tell how i can sync my contacts with outlook
naushadjadoonAuthor Commented:
is there any utility which i can use to export my contacts from iphone?
naushadjadoonAuthor Commented:
i found it from google it is very easy just download Tansee it is a utility which will copy your contacts to .csv and .text file then you can easily import that file to outlook. you just have to follow the following few steps

1.  click on File, and then choose Import and Export:
2.  Then choose Import from a another program or file:
3.  Choose Comma Separated Values
4.  Choose the .CSV file you created earlier, by clicking on the browse button:
5.  Choose if you want to import duplicates or not.
6.   Select Contacts folder on the next screen.
7.   Click on Finish on the following screen
8.  Now in itune under the info tab. Select Sync contact with "Outlook"
9.   Scroll to the bottom, and click on Sync. that should start the syncing between Outlook and itunes

naushadjadoonAuthor Commented:
Thank you for you help because of your idea i started searching for the correct solution.
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