Sending sms using ASP.NET


I am creating a web application from which I can send sms.

I have 2 queries regarding this.

1) Is there any commercial packages which gives sms and are compatible with should be economical :)
2) If I got one then how can I use it in my application.

Karan Gupta
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TheCobraSnakeConnect With a Mentor Commented:

you can use a sms-sender in ASP.NET.  Find more @ the following page:

I hope to help you with that
grantunwinCommented: is the bes ive encountered. You can see some example codes to send SMS here:

or you can send a POST or GET query to with the following values:

    A flag to switch on/off debug information.
    View debug information.

    If set to 1, this will return 'info' in JSON format.

    This is the test mode. If test=1 then messages will not be sent and credits will not be deducted.

    The text message body. This can be up to 612 characters in length. A single message is 160 characters, longer messages are 153 each (2=306,3=459,4=612). You can insert any merge data into this message from your database before submitting to Txtlocal. To insert a newline character use %n.

    The "From Address" that is displayed when the message arrives on handset. Can only be alpha numeric or space. Min 3 chars, max 11 chars.

    Your username.

    Your password.

    A comma separated list of international mobile numbers. Each number must be PURELY numeric, no + symbols or hyphens or spaces. The numbers must start with the international prefix. In UK this would be 447xxxxxxxxx. View international prefixes.

    This is not mandatory. If set, you can send a WAP PUSH (mobile internet bookmark) to a mobile phone. Simply set to a valid url.

    This is not mandatory. If set, you can record a custom ID against the the message batch, which will be passed back in the delivery receipt.

    This is not mandatory. If set, you can send to a precreated group. You can get the required group ID from the REPORTS section of the control panel. Duplicates and optouts will be removed.

    This is not mandatory. Alternate receipt URL. Instead of using the receipt URL in the Txtlocal Account Settings, receipts will be sent to this URL.

    This is not mandatory. The scheduled message date/time. In the format YYYY-MM-DD-HH-MM-SS (e.g 2008-03-28-14-56-00). Scheduled messages can be viewed and deleted via your Txtlocal online account.

    This is not mandatory. The time at which you wish the message to expire if it has not been received by the phone (i.e. Phone out of signal range or turned off). In the format MMDDHHmm (It cannot be greater than 48hours in the future).

Heres the price list for pre-buying SMS credits.
KaranGuptaAuthor Commented:
Hi TheCobraSnake

Can I use it for any professional purpose. or do I need permission for that.

Karan Gupta
according to their document provided with this component:

"This component is free to download and use. You can distribute this component with your own SMS enabled applications"

So I think that, correct me if I'm wrong, you can use it.

The best is maybe to contact them to be sure?
KaranGuptaAuthor Commented:

I have contacted them. According to them I can use this dll for the commerical purpose as well.
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