free proxy server software (or very cheap)

Hi all,

does anybody know of any free proxy server or next to free proxy software that i can install on a DC

reason being staff are spending half their time on facebook etc but that office is closing in 6 motnhs (no more funding for it)
so my boss doesnt know want to buy anything more for it

so im looking for some software i can just use to block urls during working hours

ive tried that handcraftedsoftware program but its not very good, crashes often and i cant even start it on a 2008 r2 machine

so if you know of any cheap software or free software that can do what i need for the next 6 mnths that would be great

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try SquidGuard:

its free
awilderbeastAuthor Commented:
can squidgaurd authenticate against a domain users list?

and im presuming gfi can?

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You can try SQUID for winnt.
Official website :

Download for Windows NT/2k editions

It will be tough to setup squidguard for windows. Since you going to use it only for 6 month.
Just setup a basic squid for windows and set the access list control to prevent accessing URL_Regex with contain the keyword facebook.

Else try out UTM/all-in-one firewall solution like (free and commercial linux based) (free linux based)

They are easy to setup, but require a PC with 2 Network cards, make sure your hard disk is empty.
awilderbeastAuthor Commented:
can i use a linux based solution on a windows machine?
Have you tried CCproxy? how many users you have?
No, you cant use a linux based solution as Windows and Linux has different file system.
awilderbeastAuthor Commented:
gone for gfi, we use other gfi products and we qualify for academic discount there, so will be a little cheaper, running the trial now

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