view log files quickly

Here is what I do:
I open 6 putty terminal  using putty.exe.
Connect to Linux servers  using id/pass .
After that I browse to respective log file location in each server and see the  6 log files.

What I want:
This is inconvenient for me. Can I make this work easy ?  Is there any tool where I could save id/pass , server info  and respective log file name.  When I click on the "start" button , it will display  6 log files instantly ?  

Can we do this ?
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cofactorConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I'm using ZOC terminal . It also has a script record facility. This is quite  helpful .
You Could Write Simple Script for it :) or use secureCRT
Might be useful for you to take an intensive look at the "PuttY Connections Wizard":

It allows you to create a database of stored Putty connections, and inside the "New Connection" feature, you can specify a "Login Macro" for automated login via specified credentials, and a variety of post-login commands. Started sessions will load as tabs inside the Connection Wizard for easy reviewing and switching.
Now you only need to find out how to start all connections inside a database at once, and you may have found what you are looking for.

The connection database can be setup to use encryption.
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cofactorAuthor Commented:
I have downloaded secureCRT
but does it help to view all logs in different server at once in multiple tab ?
If so, I need help at this part . I searched web but did not find any tutorial for how to set up and save paths to view log files.
SecureCRT is commercial software. Do you really wish to pay for simply reviewing some logs?

In the Putty Connection Wizard, just create a database with all your servers, containing login macros and post-login commands. Save the database, then right-click the database in the side panel and select "Connect all". That's it.
cofactorAuthor Commented:
>>>>>In the Putty Connection Wizard, just create a database with all your servers, >>>containing login macros and post-login commands. Save the database, then right->>>click the database in the side panel and select "Connect all". That's it.
you are not understanding my question.
when I click "Connect all"  ..can  it show me the log file I'm interested in ?
How do you configure the log file path and log file name in this tool ? Can it save this information for viewing anytime ?  
If so, tell me the configuration steps to try with.
cofactorAuthor Commented:
>>> containing login macros and post-login commands
As of now , I do the following
(i) server:   xcfrgh  
(ii)id:  axcsd   pass:  678dfg
(iii) cd /tmp/adf/wer/logs
(iv)tail -100f   abc.log
I am not good at writing scripts or macro .
Can we use these as macro in your tool ? how ?
I would like to give it a try.
- File > New > Database: create a new database (or use the first icon to the left in
- File > New > Connection
---- Under "Connection", specify "Host" (IP or hostname) and Protocol (SSH).
---- Then choose a name which will represent this connection in the database; like Servername/Logfile
---- Then check "Enable login macro mode"
---- Under "Login Macro", specify:
---- Auto-login credentials: login ID and pass
---- Check "Enable post-login commands"
---- As Command1: cd /tmp/adf/wer/logs
---- As Command2: tail -100f   abc.log
---- Hit OK
- File > New > Connection
---- Do the same for the other 5 connections
- Click the icon "Save current database". Save and set as default.

All your connections will now show in the Connection Manager side bar. If it isn't there, go View > Tool bars > Connection manager.
Right click yopur databyse in the side bar, select "Connect all".
Sorry: correcting.

Don't right-click your database name, but the SSH folder underneath your database name. That will give you the option to "Connect all".
cofactorAuthor Commented:
This does NOT work.
I exactly followed the steps.
but when I connect
It shows    login as: cd /tmp/adf/wer/logs   in the console
Obviously , this can not login.
Its not picking the login id from the config , but picking the the post-login command to login !

It works, believe me.
The test connection on this screenshot works just fine for me, whether I connect it alone or together with another test connection in "Connect All" mode. It even works very well when I duplicate this connection, connect twice to the same server and have it open two separate locations simultaneously.

If you already made all your 6 connections, you must have obviously messed up one of them. Did you check each connection separately by right-clicking and selecting "Connect"?
In fact, this works so perfectly well that although I only have one remote server to take care of at present, I already started a database for all kinds of automated tasks on that server. Hadn't thought of this before.
cofactorAuthor Commented:
I'm doing that  for one server only at present....later on I want to add 6 more.

my settings are exactly as yours . there is nothing wrong .

by the way , I have downloaded the executable version 1.8 MB .  did you try with the setup version ?

you are doing this for SSH ..right ?
>>>you are doing this for SSH ..right ?

>>>by the way , I have downloaded the executable version 1.8 MB .  did you try with the setup version ?

Actually, you may be up to something here.
It's not the executable version (I ran several tests that all turned out well), BUT: You need, of course, a) either place the program executable (puttycm.exe) inside the same folder that contains your PuTTY.exe, or b) have putty.exe in your PATH environment variable.

I thought this was obvious; but maybe they don't tell you when you download.
cofactorAuthor Commented:
>>>either place the program executable (puttycm.exe) inside the same folder that contains your PuTTY.exe,

yea. I normally use putty.exe   ....I have been using putty for a long time.
I have put the putty.exe in the path also. fact the executable asks for the putty path this is not an issue at all.

do I need to set the same timeout as I see in the screen ? I don't think so .

problem is , its not picking the login ID   to login ...instead its picking the post login command to login !
Will it take the login correctly if you empty the post-login commands (or switch them off)?
cofactorAuthor Commented:
>>>Will it take the login correctly if you empty the post-login commands (or switch them off)?
I tried this.
It shows this ..
login as:     // stuck here ..nothing happens
This is most odd. I tried it in all possible and impossible ways - and it always worked.
Make sure, under "Putty Session" "Default settings" are selected, also make sure, in the "Connection" tab, that "Login macro mode" is enabled.

Does the 'Quick Connection' work? It's located in the "Host" bar underneath the tool bar; use 'Default Settings' and specify your credentials, then hit the green arrow.
If that doesn't work, check your PuttY auto-logon directly:
putty.exe user@IP_address -pw password

If that won't work, then there is something wrong with your Putty version or configuration.

Also, what Windows are you using? Maybe Windows 7? Maybe 64bit?
Do you need to run Putty in compatibility mode?

Lastly: I still have the old version from 2007 around here - used it myself until yesterday; the new version on the website is from 2009. I could upload the older version for you to test, if wished.
cofactorAuthor Commented:
I'm very much disatisfied with this software.  This is disgusting . 'Save database' also does not work properly . Everytime , you have to save if you click on the database but does not change any settings!
As a summary, I am very much unhappy with this crap .  This just waste my time .
Do you know any other alternative software which also do the same ?
any other putty wrapper software ?
Strangely, this tool seems to be working perfectly well for everybody else but you, and it has been in use by Putty power users for many years. So there is no much need for alternative software.
The only other product I've heard of is this:

Believe me, I'm very critical about software quality, even if it is free. If there were anything even slightly annoying or malfunctioning about the Putty Connection Wizard (which, as I said, I have been using myself for years), I would not use it, let alone recommend it to others.

Talking of it: the program in its new version requires the .NET 2.0 framework to be installed. Are you sure it is installed and functioning properly on your system?
cofactorAuthor Commented:
Yes. my systems is ok . I have checked in Laptop and also in Desktop . both are windows XP  OS.  and they have .NET 2.0 installed.

Thanks for your support so far.  If you could tell any other software which could solve my original question ,that will be just wonderful to try with.
cofactorAuthor Commented:
ZOC terminal
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