Windows 7 Ultimate goes straight into safe mode

I had a problem with my windows Ultimate where it would just shut down and then cycle into safe mode each time i would boot up.  We tried the system restore to a later date however that did not work. It did mention that the system startup was attempted to be fixed but it always would just go into the safemode settings.

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str82no1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I would suggest to take a look in the System Configuration.

In the Run window, type "msconfig". [without quotes]
Switch to Boot tab and check the Safe Boot box. If it is checked, "uncheck" it.

Hope it helps ;).
This page shows the error your dealing with:

You need to boot your computer with a boot disk, then rename you boot.ini file to boot.ini.bak

Then youcan boot as normal, (you'll see some error messages), you should then rename you boot.ini.bak file back to boot.ini

This way you can then use the 'msconfig' utility to remove safeboot on the boot tab.
   * Close all open programs.
    * Press the Windows key + R. The "Run" tab appears.
    * Type msconfig and then click [OK].
    * The System Configuration Utility appears, click on the tab. Deselect the Safe Boot .

    * Then you will be prompted to restart the computer. Click [Restart].
when these errors began? after you installed any drivers or software lately? Noticed if the error started after you install something?
The grantunwin probably is right, there is an option which, if checked your Win only start in safe mode
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