DDNS Issue When Using TCP/IP Alternate Configuration


I've noticed some unexpected behaviour in regard to dynamic DNS updates when using Alternate Configuration TCP/IP settings, but can find no reference to what I see in any doucmentation or on the web.  Can some please help explain what I am seeing...

Basically machines using Alternate Configuration settings do not register with DNS.

The machines (both XP and Windows 7) register fine if using DHCP or static details, but refuse to register if using Alternate Configuration (User Defined not APIPA).  All addresses are the same in each instance (ie. IP, subnet, DG, DNS).

We have users that work at secndary sites sometimes that do not have DHCP.  To get around this we set Alternate Config's on them.  then they do not register...Pain.

DHCP and DNS running on Server 2003 AD DC's.

Any pointers very welcome.


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tonyperthConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have a feeling that the Alternate configuration does not register with DNS, as you said it is for small enviroments, which in the past would use wins or network discovery to find other machines, so there would be no need to register with DNS.  Sorry.
Is the advanced setting sis "Register this connection's addresses in DNS" definetely ticked.
TechnologyTeamAuthor Commented:
Yes, it definitely is.

I had a colleague at a non DHCP site check these settings today.  He was running an Alternate Config.

I could not resolve his hostname (nslookup to his primary DNS server).  Tried ipconfig /registerdns.  No change.  Chnaged to have addresses set as static on the general tab and registered straight away.
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where do you expect them to register, on your site or off site?
TechnologyTeamAuthor Commented:
Same DNS server for both sites.  Just different locations on our routed network.
This is a good article:


One thing to consider is that your DNS server may be set to only accept Secure dynamic updates in Active Directory-integrated zones, and your remote site may not be secure enough for DNS to be happy with an update.
TechnologyTeamAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the link Tony.

DNS set to accept secure and non-secure updates.

Tried yet another machine.  DHCP assigned addresses get registered in DNS while the exact same details on the same machine, but assigned from an Alternative Config do not.

Tried different OS's (xp, w7, 2008 r2, 2003) with same results.

Maybe the Alt Config is thought of as not being used in a DDNS envirnment.  All MS docs seem to refer to it as a home or broadband feature... but it is included with server OS's...

TechnologyTeamAuthor Commented:
Conclusion reached but no hard evidence to support it.
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