dreamweaver CS5 php mysql Vs asp.net MSsql for windows environment

Ok heres the deal our current intranet built in asp.net VB using dreamweaver 8 hosted on IIS6 with MSsql datsbase. All users in IE browser.

Then we upgraded to Dreamweaver CS5 (so alot had changed) including the absence of support for asp.net :O(

From a dreamweaver point of view it makes sense to me to move across to php  (the site is due a rebuild anyway) but is this a poor decision for a windows environment?

It would seem logical to still host on IIS6 using the FastCGI for php particularly as we will want to use the integrated windows authentication to identify intranet users without login.

The choice between MSSQL & MySQL seems a little less clear, given that we already have a sql server is there any advantage in using MySql other than its the normal choice for php, I was leaning that way because all thesupport etc is geared towards the php Mysql combination but now I'm beginnning to doubt the wisdom of that decision when my own familiarity leans to MSSQL.

As mentioned it must be possible to pick up user id without login this is particularly important now as the intention is to rebuild the site in a way that enables users to fully customise their pages. Other than that it will require an admin site and the ability to give certain users rights to different parts of that with the ability to upload docs and post items etc - fairly standard stuff.

Appreciate any feedback on the use of php over .net in a windows environment and any pros con re database and hosting options.  

Many thanks in advance
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For building ASP.NET based sites, Visual Studio is a much better tool.  It is what it is designed to do.  The Visual Studio 2010 Express Web Edition should offer the majority of the functionality you would want: http://www.microsoft.com/express/

It is possible to use integrate windows logins with IIS and PHP.  However, PHP doesn't run well on IIS6 compared to Apache.  It does run just fine on IIS7+ (just as well as it does on Apache).  Windows Integrated Authentication only works with IIS (so Apache is out) and only on IE.

With Windows Integrated Authentication being a staple item in your decision, you should stick with ASP.NET.  VS2010 Express edition is the perfect tool for building your site.  Is there anything that you use Dreamweaver specifically for that you would need assistance for in transitioning over to Visual Studio?
forstersAuthor Commented:
Ok thanks for that, i'd heard rumblings re the performance of PHP on IIS6 although I thought that with the FastCGI extension release in Jan it was deemed not so bad, do you know otherwise?

I don't know what chance there would be of an upgrade to IIS7 so it would likely have to be IIS6 for now so be grateful to know if this would likely be a disaster. Had pretty much discounted Apache because of the need for integrated authentication. All users will be on IE though I read somewhere that Firefox also supports integrated authentication now too, but as I say everyone will be on IE so thats just by the by.

As it is possible to use integrated authentication with php (which was also my gathering from googling around) can you clarify the reasons to stick with ASP.NET?

I take on board your comments re. Visual Studio - I am aware of it of course, I've had an intro to VS on a ASP.NET VB course, it did inspire me to use it until I came back and without the help there to set it all up I quickly lost my confidence and went back to DW which I have to say has been fine but I guess this could explain why I never clicked with ASP.NET.

On balance I prefer the DW environment and its where my experience lies, I'm also more inclined towards PHP than ASP.NET, just click with it for some reason, so I guess I'm keen to move towards my own strengths and preferences but before doing so I want to identify any significant shortfalls from the windows point of view. If its really a bad move then I will have to get better acquainted with VS and learn to love .NET.

Be glad of any further comments.

Choosing between the two platforms depends entirely on what you want to accomplish and where your experience is.  There are great examples of well-done applications on both platforms.  

I am a .NET developer and prefer it because it makes more sense to me.  I prefer to compile applications so that they perform faster (so the web server isn't compiling code on the fly) and I like the code organization provided with .NET.  

I am biased towards .NET, but if you are more comfortable with PHP, by all means go that route.  Dreamweaver was never a good development tool for .NET, thus probably why they dropped it.  With all of the information available online, getting up to speed with developing on VS wouldn't take much effort.
forstersAuthor Commented:
Ok thanks, fair comments,
well I have an app which would be too laborious to convert from .NET to PHP but its likely to form the basis of a followup app so that would be a good project to test out in VS and get more familiar with that. That is likely to preceed the Intranet overhaul anyway so that gives me time to test out the PHP option for that simultaneously and perhaps then it will be clearer which way to go.
forstersAuthor Commented:
I was after quite specific information re running php, on IIS6, the integration with windows authentication & any preference re. SQL versions. The Answer covered IIS well and confirmed the windows authentication but the bias towards .NET avoided the real question of using php in a windows environment by suggesting .NET. My question was really to find out what problems if any I might face by using php.
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