exchange 2003 activesync goes down every day or so

after a reload of exchange 2003, long process, new server, repaired databases, BES server, etc... everything appears to be back to normal except EAS thru IIS6

i've been thru alanhardisty's article and all the settings/permissions appear to be ok.

the problem is, EAS works great for about a day, and then it just times out from the devices.  while in this state, IIS works fine, all services are started, OWA works fine, just EAS doesn't

i'm able to get it working again 100% of the time by reinstalling dot net 1.1 and restarting iis:

"%windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\aspnet_regiis.exe" -i
iisreset /restart

should i just script that to happen every few hours, or what's the better fix here?
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Alan HardistyConnect With a Mentor Co-OwnerCommented:
eseutil /p
eseutil /d
Isinteg -s servername -fix -test alltests ?
You could check that the keep-alive time-out value is set to 1800 second on your Exchange server and your firewall or reverse proxy.
See for the server.
B HAuthor Commented:
hi there, thanks for the comment

it appears that the time-out value in your link is for internet explorer, which is not used for activesync

i should mention that once IIS\microsoft-server-activesync stops responding, no user can sync their phones, not even users who haven't tried before.  based on that, i think it's safe to assume it's not a timeout issue.

this does relate to how IIS and ASP interact with each other though, so, very interested in seeing more thoughts/comments even if they're off the wall at this point
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It's not only for Internet Explorer but it makes changes on how HTTP.sys driver handle request with IIS.
From Microsoft KB:
There is no setting in Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) to control the keep-alive timeout other than the Windows registry KeepAliveTime value. But with some Web servers and some proxy servers, you can specify a connection expiration time. If you can specify a connection expiration time in the Web server or the proxy server, increase the keep-alive timeout interval. See your Web server documentation for the correct setting name and value. The default keep-alive timeout value for Internet Explorer is one minute (60 seconds). Therefore, you must use an HTTP keep-alive timeout interval on the Web server or the proxy server that is greater than one minute.

Also, here is a good ressources for troubleshooting Server ActiveSync:
B HAuthor Commented:
i have this tracked down so far, to a user with a corrupt calendar.  everytime he syncs, EAS drops out - 100% reproducible.  in the process of nuking that user now
B HAuthor Commented:
yep, this is left over from a crash about 2 weeks ago - i'd love to isinteg it but as for now the client won't let me take it offline long enough to eseutil it.  isinteg ran for about 45 minutes each time and as many times as i ran it, the test called "folders" won't go under 150 errors.  at that point our MS call-in case ($250) representative gave up and said that's that.  then we went with some 3rd party program to recover this user and a few others - but the few others are mostly ok.

Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
Don't forget to close the question down if you don't need any further assistance.
B HAuthor Commented:
yep, got this finalized yesterday just didnt have a chance to make it back

wish i had more time in the day, shree is pulling away from me in the RoY race :/

while i didn't actually use eseutil/isinteg (i did it by hand instead) the accepted answer would have worked.  the problem was for sure one user with corrupt data, whenever he synced would crash out.  after removing the corruption on that user, everyone could sync again and it hasn't crashed out since

thanks for the attention, alan and tomex
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