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Lexmark w810 Default Tray

We have an Oracle system that sends print jobs directly to printers via a generic print driver. When print jobs are sent via the Oracle system they print out on my Lexmark w810 via Tray 1. I would like to configure this printer to printout these jobs on Tray 2.

  I have been unsuccessful in finding a way to set the 'default tray' to tray 2. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Lexmark w810
Print Server Firmware Version 3.20.30
Tray 1 - Legal
Tray 2 - Letter
Tray 3 - Ledger
1 Solution
Not sure why this is in the exchange queue, however:

a) Open IE
b) Go to lexmark's IP address
c) There should be some administration / configuration section where you can select your default Tray.

FNDAdminAuthor Commented:
Hi SunnyC7,

  Yes, I have been able to connect to my printer's web interface. However, there is no setting that leads me to believe it is a 'default tray' setting.
   Paper Menu
     (Paper Source) is set to (Tray 2)

But this does nothing to resolve my issue.. :(
Restart the printer and try again ?
On what sever in lexmark installed ?
Can you check tray settings there
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FNDAdminAuthor Commented:
Printer has been rebooted
The server which is doing the printing is out of my realm. I have no access to it and the admin assures me that he does not have any way to specify the tray that the job gets printed to. This Oracle system prints reports to many printers throughout our campus.

On the Server where this printer is installed
Right click on printer name > Properties
Click Printing Preferences
Click Paper/Quality Tab
In paper options

There is a drop-down for source is > Check if it is auto select >
if so > change to TRAY 2
FNDAdminAuthor Commented:
Hi Sunnyc7, Again, I do not have access to the server which is doing the printing. The Admin assures me they have no settings to adjust the printer tray settings. They have hundreds of printers setup on this server all across campus. I have to take their word for it that they indeed do not have control over the default tray. I'm sure someone else has encountered this problem on our campus.

  I know what you are describing is the answer for a regular print server. I have performed the above steps on other printers on my print server.
Hard to figure out other than > the admin checking this specific printer first.

I copy pasted the support kbase for lexmark.
There's nothing there to select second Tray.

Will wait for others to post back
FNDAdminAuthor Commented:
Thanks.. appreciate your help.
I am not an Oracle user, but I believe it does not use the standard Windows printer drivers. What operating system do you run Oracle under? If it is unix (linux) you may have to modify the printer's ppd (or hpd) file to select the default tray. See this link for some more info:


FNDAdminAuthor Commented:
Again, I do not have ANY access to this Oracle server. Nor do I know anything about it's configuration.
They, the Oracle Admins, have setup hundreds of printers across campus.
I can not believe that this is the first time they have encountered this sort of issue.
I must believe them when they state that there is no way under their system to designate which tray the print job gets sent to.
Please concentrate on the printer. I hope there is a way to configure this printer.
FNDAdminAuthor Commented:
Could not find any solution on the Oracle server or on the printer. User was instructed to output reports to PDF then print from Adobe... Thanks for all your help. self-solved.

this may well be an issue due to the selected paper formats you have !
You have three different paper sizes configured on your printer. Depending on what format information is send by the oracle print job, (assume it is "Legal", you will always end up in Tray 1 as no other format will fit!

The printers work the way that, if they have same format and type in different trays you can go and select a source. If they differ, then they will select depending on the paper format.
If you cannot change the paper format or what you put into which tray, you might eventually try to go via web browser into the menu "Configuration" -> "Paper Menu" and select for "Substitute Size" -> "All Listed".

This should allow the printer to select either tray, whichever format is in there. Depending on the formatting of the print job you might end up that it will be cropped.

Another possibility is, if it is a PCL5 print job and the tray numbering is different than for this printer, you have to go to the printer and use the menu buttons.
Go into PCL Emulation and look for "Tray Renumber". You can then assign the number you are using inside your print job for the Tray2 you want to draw from. This might be done as well by PJL commands.

Firsthand sort out the paper size issue, otherwise it will never pull from the right tray.
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