FTP on Server 2008 R2

Having trouble getting FTP working, It will now allow me to connect using Basic Authentication and I can "download" files, but cannot "Upload" files. Gives a "550 Access Denied" message in my FTP client.  As far as I can tell my site has the corrct ntfs permissions.
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arober11Connect With a Mentor Commented:
In the "IIS Manager", for your FTP site, what do you see when you see in the "Permissions Column" on selecting the "FTP Authorization Rules" option?
JimRieflinAuthor Commented:
Seems we have fixed it.  It was in the FTP Authorization rules.  Thanks
JimRieflinAuthor Commented:
Found a setting that was on Read only.  Changed it to read/write and it fixed it.
That's the usual case.
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