Troubleshooting PPTP VPN in Windows 7

I am hoping I am just missing something simple, would someone help troubleshoot a failing VPN connection in Windows 7?

Its a PPTP VPN with MS-CHAPv2 - The only machine that is having issues making the connection is Windows 7 which fails with a 619 error after connection.  XP machines connect ok.

I have created the VPN in Win 7 with what I am sure are the correct setting but I constantly get immidiately disconnected with error 619.

Any help or suggestions appriciated, thanks.
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SuncoreAuthor Commented:
Gave up with Win 7 - Installed XP Pro, VPN works great.  Thanks for all the suggestions and help with troubleshooting.

Have you tried with another username?

What kind of av/firewall have you installed on the pc?
SuncoreAuthor Commented:
I have tried with another username and get the same error.  Both usernames actually work, just not on Windows 7.
The machine has Win 7 filewall (disabled) - and no AV running.
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Have you tried with the firewall enabled?
IMO it's better to have is enabled and change the filtering.
SuncoreAuthor Commented:
Hi jensskov - thanks for the suggestion - I switched the Win 7 fiurewall back on and am still getting the same error unfortunately.  Its only Win 7 that can not connect.
QlemoBatchelor, Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
Might be an issue with the router you use to go into Internet. Vista had some issues with specific router firmware, and W7 could be similar. An indication what is happening, however, will only be possible if you monitor the network traffic while connecting. I suppose the GRE traffic is not returning to the W7 machine, because maybe of a wrong session number.
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