PHP web development: Visual Studio 2008/2010 VS Dreamweaver CS4/CS5

Which is best for PHP web development?

Visual Studio 2008/2010


Dreamweaver CS4/CS5

Any feedback much appreciated.
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Altin BardhiConnect With a Mentor Software EngineerCommented:
I am always using Dreamweaver for HTML, CSS, PHP MySQL, and JS and use Visual Studio for ASP

The choice depends on your preference but Dreamweaver in my opinion and The Online PHP Manual
Loganathan NatarajanConnect With a Mentor LAMP DeveloperCommented:
I too really much comfortable to use Dreamweaver. but still you can decide which one to use. My second option is Netbeans. ref.

also check out the editors options,
jeremyllAuthor Commented:
was hoping for more responses.
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