My Docs not ending up in roaming profile location

I am confused by an implimentation of Roaming profiles I inherited. In AD I have for a user jdoe

Profile Path: \\fs1\roaming\jdoe
Home Folder:  Connect: O to \\fs1\staff

What I am finding is that the user's My Documents is being redirect to \\fs1\staff\jdoe\My Documents. I don't understand why this is happening. I see nothing in GP that is forcing this redirection. My expectation is that everything related to jdoe's profile including his "My Documents" should be in \\fs1\roaming\jdoe. Can someone explain why this is not happening?
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rscottvanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Maybe GPO wasn't an option at one time - it sounds like a legacy setup.

From Regedit, have a look at this key:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders

There will be a reg_expand_sz value called Personal, and that's where the user's My Docs is being redirected.

The "HKEY_CURRENT_USER" registry hive follows users around with their roaming profile, so that's why the users that have it set keep it wherever they log on.
It sounds like there is a GPO redirecting My Docs to the home drive. Run RSOP then navigate to User Configuration\Windows Settings\Folder Redirection\My Documents to see what policy is causing the redirection.

Read more here:
pmckenna11Author Commented:
There is nothing related to folder redirection listed there. I don't see anything relevant in any of the settings returned by RSOP
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pmckenna11Author Commented:
I had initially thought it might be a setting local to the machine I was checking but I found the same redirection occurring on a different computer that I know has not been altered in any way.
pmckenna11Author Commented:
Also there is no folder redirection at all for those users that are not using roaming profiles. All users are in the same security group.
pmckenna11Author Commented:
Finally the redirection occurs whether or not the user has his Home Folder configured via Active Directory
pmckenna11Author Commented:
I setup a user on roaming profiles and everything worked as expected. I am wondering if the previous admin might have setup some users on Roaming Profiles, then redirected the My Documents folder from the local machine (log in as the user and manually redirected the folder. Then any machine the user logged into would get the new folder redirection via the roaming profiles replication mechanism. Is this plausible? If so would any reasonable person do such a thing??!!!
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