SBS 2008 Server - Change of domain name

Hi all, I've got a huge problem.

I have set up an SBS 2008 server with some minor issues which were all resolved. Emails come in and out freely and everything seems fine.

SSL Cert has also been installed and outlook anywhere works fine with outlook.

Problem is ... I've got the domain name wrong ... Now I've got to get a new domain name and new cert.

Didn't panic here. What I did was set up the DNS entries for the MX records for the new domain, and in the exchange management console change the default email address (the reply address) to the new domain.

However, the server still stays the same previous name which was based on the old domain name.

I'd like everyone's advise on how to

1. Change the server name / local domain name etc to the new domain name so that it doesn't effect the clients.
2. Remote access domain name also needs to change.

The objective is to get it to as if it was installed with the new domain name leaving no trace behind of the old.

Any ideas?
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Elwin3Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Unfortunatly the local domain name cannot be changed on Windows SBS 2008. If you really need to do this then setup a new SBS 2008 server and migrate users over to that.

as far as i know it is not possible to change the domain name (or effectivley delete the domain name specified during the server build) on a sbs2008. I did this myself once (a typo) and i had to do a rebuild.

bineleAuthor Commented:
How about an Alias or something? Like a CNAME in the normal DNS world?
Creating Active Directory Users from a Text File

If your organization has a need to mass-create AD user accounts, watch this video to see how its done without the need for scripting or other unnecessary complexities.

I'm affraid not with the SBS internal domain.
Brad HoweConnect With a Mentor DevOps ManagerCommented:
I agree with the others.
You'll have to do a rebuild entirely. SBS recommends the domain name be in the form youdomain.local. During the installation, you are provded a form to enter your external public domain name aswell so that Exchange and webapplications have a public record also.
Now, if you have spare parts, you can migrate the server objects over but a rebuild might be easier still.
evilsiConnect With a Mentor Commented:

when you build an sbs2008 server after the initial installation you get asked the few questions about how you want to configure it. The 2nd question is what is the internal domain.. This is then written into possibly hundreds of places in the server registry, files and directory structures.
There well maybe a way to change it but it would not be reccomended,. I have just checked with MS and its not even possible to add an internal domain to the DC in SBS 2008.
you can add domains to the exchange, make the server answer queries for other domains but you cannot change the internal domain name.

bineleAuthor Commented:
I guess I have to live with the SBS domain name as it is. How about the server name itself? For example, clients would do \\abcserver to get to the server ... can we make it \\cdeserver?

Is it a matter of creating an A Name in  the local domain?

Another question ...

can I have 2 different certs for the web access?

currently, it's with the cert as

I'm hoping I can configure IIS to accept as well as the previous one...

The remote.abcdomain is required for current Outlook settings to work. The new remote.cdedomain is for remote web access clients only?

Just thinking out loud....
Brad HoweConnect With a Mentor DevOps ManagerCommented:
Yes, that would be an A record in the local DNS Server.
Yes, you can have 2 certs for web access if you have 2 external IP Addresses. SSL is per IP. OR using host headers and a wildcard cert IF you are using sub domains such as,
Elwin3Connect With a Mentor Commented:
No don't change the name it will cause you load of problems and will never be the same again. SBS is designed not to be changed.You can't attach 2 certs to a server using the same IP. However. you can fool it if you have 2 public static IPs.But the official method is to by a multi-domain certificate - so you can have 2 or more names for the same server.
scraaneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ok, the internal domain name will be a problem. You cannot change this without reinstalling the whole thing.

So live with it or reinstall.

The external domain name ( is easy!
In the Windows SBS Console, on the home tab:

Setup your internet address
Add a trusted certificate

That should be it. This will change all the "external" domain names to the correct one. It will REMOVE the old email addresses.
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