My security Shield removal?

I have a computer affected with "My security Shield" spyware.
This machine is running WXP SP3.

Do you have any removal ideas for me?

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clw3388Connect With a Mentor Commented:
combofix should remove it with little effort..

Of course feel free to try other adware/spyware removal software too but my experience shows combofix should work fine.
A poster over at Yahoo! Answers posted a simple walk through that can help you:
Akin DeluI’m a software engineer, tech enthusiast and UI/UX lover. Commented:
never heard of this malware before but am sure malwarebyte is a good tool for things like this.
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MalwareBytes as already suggested should removed it... but oftentimes these rogues also come with their friends, so if the problem persists after MBAM, then use ComboFix or other tools like TDSSKiller etc... and attach the logs for us.

Removal instructions for "My Security Shield".
Sudeep SharmaTechnical DesignerCommented:
To clean and to check if you system is clean do following:

Run malwarebytes in Safe Mode with Networking and update it before running a full system scan:

Then try HitManpro to make sure anything which might be left behind is clean:


If issue is not resolved by these tools try TDSSKiller:

Tutorial on TDSSKiller:

If this does not resolve your issue then try Combofix:

Download Combofix

Tutorial on how to use combofix:

Post logs here for further analysis.

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TArmsAuthor Commented:
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