how to issue a public and local domain certificate

I have exchange 2007 and currently have a ucc certificate at go daddy for my OWA but my local has a different domain name. and my local is Currently outlook client is indicating that the certificate does not match the name of the site and the name of the security is not valid.
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sunnyc7Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to re-key your certificate from GoDaddy

you have to enter the following domains (external facing FQDN) (Create an entry in your godaddy DNS for autodiscover to point to your public IP)
mail.domain.local (FQDN of Exchange Server )
mailservername (mail server name)

You can use this tool to install it after that
Dave StringfellowIT managerCommented:
You need to make sure both certs are the same and match or you will always get cert issues. Have a read thru and make your internal cert match your remote cert.
Andres PeralesCommented:
Just add that domain name to your internal DNS point to your internal IP address for your server.
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jsistozaAuthor Commented:
peralesa, how do i add the domain name?
From your dc
Start run

Add an a record for your domain name poiting to exchange server internal ip address
jsistozaAuthor Commented:
I have added the subject alternative name to my certificate in go daddys manage certificate website.
I will then install it to my server and im sure its going to work.

Thank you all for the info.
Use the ubtech tool to do that
jsistozaAuthor Commented:
Yes i installed the tool and its very user friendly vs. the command shell in exchange.
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