Problem installing VMWARE ESXi v4.1 on HP/Compaq ProLiant ML350 G6

I'm trying to install (either the regular VMWARE copy or HP's copy of) VMWARE ESXi v4.1 onto a new machine. The bootable CD loads and begins to run thru the installation process, but stops with the following:

Installation Operation Failed

The installation operation has encountered a fatal error: Unable to find the system image to install. This is due to the image not being mounted correctly or the CD-ROM not being supported". Help!!

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Dan ArseneauConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Replace the CD/DVD Drive and try again.
Dan ArseneauCommented:
Bad download.  I would get another copy and burn it again.  They also have USB versions that work well.
Make sure the machine you are installing it onto can run a 64 bit OS.
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gawilleyAuthor Commented:
I have downloaded it multiple times and burned the install CD from several different machines, so I know it's not the media or a bad download. The machine is 64 bit capable. Any other ideas?
I would check the download to be suer it is good. From the download page you can get the checksum values:

MD5SUM(¹) 35201279338c6efbbb071ffcc673f822
SHA1SUM(¹) 541d138b811abc06c82392873498996140ba94f0

Those are for ESXi 4.1. - Get a md5sum utility (lots of free ones, google for md5sum utility) and check your image. If the image is bad, then you have a bad download. If the image is good, try burning a new CD.

Good Luck
bgoeringConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check the BIOS (I suspect that machine has a SATA DVD) and see if there is an option like "Emulate IDE"

If so try that, if not let us know.
Dan ArseneauCommented:
Having a look around the NET seems to point to you perhaps missing drivers for your disks.  Sort of like 'F6' in Windows Setup.
gawilleyAuthor Commented:
Looks like i have cracked the issue. Turns out that the DVD drive shipped with the server wasn't compatible with ESXi v4.1 for some unknown reason. Had no idea what made me swap it with another drive, but i did, and now the installation of VMWARE completed without any issues. The drive that shipped with the server isn't defective - because it works fine in another machine. It is a SATA drive - and so is the one I swapped in its place. Very weird. Hope this posting helps others!
Thanks to those of you who responded.
gawilleyAuthor Commented:
I didn't see the posts about the DVD drives until after I had swapped mine out - nevertheless, am awarding points as they would have solved the issues for me and others.
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