Where are the Windows File When running Paralles on Mac

I have client who has a Mac book Pro and has Windows running using Parallels.  When not running Windows on the Mac, how can he access his Windows files that are on his desktop. Besides accessing the files, we want to make sure that they get backup. He is using a Time Capsule to backup his Mac, but we are not sure if the Windows Files on Paralles are getting backed up.
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woolnoirConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Parallels uses a virtual HD to store the files, traditionally the VHD is stored within the VM folder which is traditionally located : UserName>Library>Parallels and then obviously named according to your virtual machine - this is the folder you need to ensure is backed up. Not sure on your environment but having network sycned home folders will do this job for you.
roylongConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It depends on where you have moved them sometimes. I have my parallels .pvm files in /Users/username/Documents/Parallels/
There is also a parallels folder in the general Library folder on the route, which you may want to back up.
If you want to share files between macintosh and windows and still access the files when windows is not running, then you should set up a shared folder through parallels which sits on the mac but is accessible from windows, when windows VMs are running.
damn predictive text.. ..route should be root as in Macintosh HD :)

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@netcomp did these replies help any, or do you need more info ?
netcompAuthor Commented:
Well, I was able to find the VM file for the windows xp., but I was not able to find the individual files saves via the mac . I guess that's not possible. Is it?
Generally in osx you cannm only see the disk images, and not the files.
did you search using spotlight on the macintosh for 'parallels'?
I've got parallels folders in the following locations::
Macintosh HD/Applications/Parallels
Macintosh HD/Users/username/Documents/Parallels
Macintosh HD/Users/Shared/Parallels

Also try searching for .pvm which are the parallels virtual machine files.

Depending on the version of parallels you can also mount the windows virtual disk on your macintosh.. ..so you van access your windows files without being in the VM.

You can also set a shared profile folder between windows VM and macintosh as well as being able to share your macintosh folders within the virtualised windows environment.
netcompAuthor Commented:
Thank you All,
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