Is there a Cisco PBX which supports IPv6?

Hello all

I am trying to put together an IPv6-based - probably dual stack - solution for a client. This page is a little ambiguous, but as far as I can gather CME supports IPv6 as of version 8.0 (see here), but support elsewhere is spotty.

The client doesn't require much except standard handsets (looking at 7942G and 7962G as per this page), and I think 1 FXS port.

So I have been looking at the 1861 ISR and the UC520 as options, with a preference for the latter, if possible, as it is cheaper. Neither lists IPv6 support upfront, but both appear to support it anyway - via CME 8 for the 1861 and on the CLI for the UC520 as per this blog post.

However, I cannot confirm this and Cisco's local partner has been of no help whatsoever. My question is: does anyone have a UC520, or alternatively an 1861 with UC, and can they confirm whether the router, and hopefully CME, supports IPv6? Finally, if yes, can they post their router config so I can see how the basics work?

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Alex BaharCommented:
Hi David,
Based on Cisco's documentation CME does not fully support IPV6. Your best option seems to be the CUCM v8 -BE Business edition with SIP gateways, SCCP gateways, and new SCCP phones.
davidiwharperAuthor Commented:
Ok, according to [url=""][/url]:
I know that IPv6 is currently supported on the following:
  • Cisco IOS software
  • Cisco CME 8.0

As you correctly point out, our SMB network infrastructure devices all support IPv6.
For Unified Communication products in general, you can refer to the following page:
I don't know Cisco UC products very well, but does this mean if the client purchases the UC520, and within the 30 day window after purchase we download the latest 8.04 software pack as per [url=""]this page[/url], we should be able to use CME 8 with IPv6 support?
Pity nobody on here actually has a UC520 on hand!
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davidiwharperAuthor Commented:
Sorry folks, tags haven't worked.
check out a couple of the links in the quoted article - but I think you pretty much have it...


Network hardware is just a piece of this complex puzzle. Small Business customers need to also consider software support for IPv6 (as in software applications used by the SMB), ISP compatibility and web presence; the point being that having Cisco, or any vendor for that matter, support IPv6, is not going to do the trick. Many other variables need to be taken into consideration.

SMB resellers need to formulate solid migration plans and be prepared to respond to challenging customer inquiries. But let's make sure we do not panic and this whole thing doesn't become another Y2K fire drill. Most software and hardware vendors, including Cisco, offer documentation and recommendations on how to act and seamlessly move into IPv6. We maintain a site with excellent resources to help you stay informed:

As you correctly point out, our SMB network infrastructure devices all support IPv6.

For Unified Communication products in general, you can refer to the following page:

For the phones not listed in the above document (6900/8900/9900 and SPA500), IPv6 is scheduled for CY 2011.

For CCA, IPv6 support is NOT on the roadmap at this point, and we do not have an estimate on when this will happen either.
davidiwharperAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your assistance
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