mails deleted from mobile device pop3 client deleted also on Exchange 2007 server


I have configured POP3 access to exchange 2007 mailbox on Sony Ericsson P1i (standard messaging application) and the strange think is, that when the message is deleted from P1i it is also deleted from user mailbox on exchange - after using send/receive option on P1i.
It happens on 3 different devices and 2 different exchange servers.
User does not want that this happens. Any suggestions how can I prevent this?
It has something to do with POP3 V3 protocol?
Perfect solution it would be, that user receives only new (unread) messages on mobile device and whatever he does with that messages, they still remains unread and present on exchange server until he/she connects and reads the message using outlook or owa.

Thank you for your help.
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Setup a forward on the exchange mailbox for the user to forward to a personal mail account which the phone collects from.

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if you use POP3 every mail you've received will be deleted from Exchange server.
mails will not stay in exchange server unless you configure your mobile as exchange.
have you checked mail settings on the device - is there anything that says - do not delete messages on the server.
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WadskiIT DirectorCommented:
It sounds like you have a setting enabled which states "when I delete mail on here delete it on the server".

on your email client program (outlook)
On the Tools menu, click E-mail Accounts.
Click View or change existing e-mail accounts, and then click Next.
Select your ISP account, and then click Change.
Click More Settings.
Click the Advanced tab, and under Delivery, select the Leave a copy of messages on the server check box.
also dont forgot to change : remove after XXX days.  set xxx to as long as possible

Whichever POP3 client software you are using determines what happens to the emails as they are retrieved from the server under that protocol.  POP3 as a protocol was I believe created for managing the interation between machines that store your email temporarily and forward it on when the client was ready.  It's only by choosing not to complete certain steps in the process that email can be 'left behind' on the source server.

So for example in Outlook or Outlook express, they can be configured in advanced settings to 'leave a copy on the server' as they retrieve an email.  There may be a similar setting in the phone you are using (I cannot see it in the manual, but it may be in a wizard).

Is there a resaon you're not using IMAP? You'll probably find that IMAP as a protocol has more configurability on phone type clients.  IMAP is designed to give you a view of an email account and manage it remotely (much more like Exchange and an Outlook client in the office), therefore co-existence with two client types viewing email in the same server is much easier to achieve.  I use my Nokia N95 to successfuly co-exist with my Gmail account connecting via IMAP.  I see a duplicate of my inbox and folders (which can be viewed offline) however downloading the inbox copy does not delete items until a specific 'delete from phone and server' is selected.

All the best.
davorinAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help!

@SiborgRaider - having duplicate mailboxes is not a option

@bonjourjolie - on most (I could say every) mobile devices I saw, by default the mail is retained on server when using POP3 type of access and there is no "Leave a copy of messages on the server" option. When I receive mail to mobile device all mails are still on server.
Let say, when I check for new mails I get 38 new messages (Messages I didn't downloaded on mobile yet.) When I delete 7 of these 38 mails on mobile and check for new mails again, these 7 mails are also deleted on exchange server. Other 31 are still available on server. Why outlook configuration?

@ Mkris9 and Wadski - no, there is no that option - at least I could not find it. (I'm using P1i for 2-3 years now and have configured various mail account infinite times - pop3, imap, exchange active sync, ssl, tsl, ...)

@Mouton_yorks - mail is deleted from server when it is deleted from device. It is not deleted on retrieval.
On IMAP like on POP3 configured account, I don't have option when deleting mails from phone. (no  'delete from phone' and  'delete from phone and server' options - just  'delete'). Using IMAP I could additionally get only read/unread status from server and there is lots more possibility to delete mail from server my mistake. That is also why user don't want to use exchange activesync.

Is there an option on exchange that mails can not be deleted from server when using POP3 even is user wants to do so?
Sorry, understand your dilemma much better now.   I have not seen that option in Exchange.  

Lateral (but not necessarily correct) thought - could you get the phone to log in as different account which has been granted read-only (reviewer?) access rights to the main mailbox?  Therefore delete instructions from the phone should not succeed?

is there a reason why you are not configurating the phone with exchange settings instead when you know that pop3 in general deletes off the server on retrieval and exchange is on sync basis?

it does not make sense to use pop3 and requesting for it to act like exchange active sync.

the delete option is from the client base not the server. the client end tells the server how it wants to retrieve and do with the copy on the server.
davorinAuthor Commented:
@Mouton_yorks - That could be an option, but unfortunately on the phone I can set only username and password. If I had also mailbox setting it could do.

@kenycl - Eh... This is the 4-th time I'm writing this: The mail is not deleted from server on retrieval, but when that mail is deleted from phone.
I know, that is strange for POP3 protocol - it acts like IMAP, Exchange activesync (or POP4!?)- and that is the reason why user don't want to use these two protocols.

I think that this question is not an easy one :(
davorinAuthor Commented:
The problem was not solved. It looks like the phone has by default enabled option "delete the mail from server when it is deleted from phone" (like in outlook express) and no option to disable it.

Anyway, I think that it is time to close the question and I have decided to split the point between experts/comments who understood the problem and/or were giving suggestions to resolve the problem, even if they were not an acceptable option for me.
Thank you all for your support.

Best regards,
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