execute SSIS package (using DTEXEC utility) programmatically

Hi, can I have some sample code to execute a SSIS package (stored on the file system, not in database) using DTEXEC utility programmatically using C# OR VB.NET and also some sample code to kill that process if runs unexpectedly for a long time?. thanks in advance.  I will also need to specify the log file path and capture the result (success, failed or cancelled).
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please look at this article. Might help you

this is how you can do it programmatically

rkpavpAuthor Commented:
I have seen those articles already. I am specifically looking for code that uses DTEXEC to execute a package. according to this link http://blogs.msdn.com/b/michen/archive/2007/03/22/running-ssis-package-programmatically.aspx, using SSIS object model may recycle webserver application pool, so I am looking to use DTEXEC. I know how to use DTEXEC from command line, but looking for sample to execute the same from C# code. thanks.
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