CSS: Relative positioning and IE7

I am using relative positioning for the header of http://pnwprop.u59.ssllcweb.com/index.cfm

It is displaying correctly in Firefox and Chrome, naturally IE is wreaking havoc. Haven't used relative position extensively so any help on getting this worked out greatly appreciated.

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myderrickConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First of all add to header:

1. text-align: left (the default is text-align: center set on the body
2. Give it a higher z-index value (eg 5)

Issue should be ok now:

Good luck

That's because of IE7 compatibility problem, always view your website in compatibility mode...
Your code is OK!
It's just IE7...
try adding
float:left to #slideshow

and add position:relative; to #header
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jabronicusAuthor Commented:
Morrisproject...tried it, still displaying incorrectly in IE7

firoz...IE8 has settings for compatibility mode, not IE7, correct?
you are absolutely correct
but IE7 do have compatibility problem
refer here:
It is a position issue which should be able to be resolved testing different methods of floats and relative divs.

Unfortunately it would take some time to download all the appropriate files and put the page into a testing environment.

I would suggest to try changing some of the positioning etc
jabronicusAuthor Commented:
myderrick - exactly! Thanks for catching that for me.  IE as always = more work.
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