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Domain environment: Win2k3/XP

Our environment is setup with MyDocs redirected to a file server. However, I want to move the MyPictures folder to the person local machine. I have successfully created a new GPO in a new OU to redirect MyPictures back to the local users profile, but I see that it places the MyPics folder at the person's "c:\Document and settings\user folder.

Is there anyway to change the location without manually moving it to another location such as the desktop, or c:\, or even located in the MyDocs folder but not redirected.

PT GuyAsked:
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DavidGeraldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you need to move the picture data back to the local machine you could use use a robocopy move as Gavin said, make sure you have a backup of the data before implementing the script.  If you are new to robocopy then robocopy gui can help you with any other switches

I expect you will want create a batch file with the content along the lines of
Robocopy "%userprofile%\my documents\my pictures" "\\server\profiles\redirection\%username% \my pictures" /MOVE

Put the batch in sysvol and link to it from logon script or edit the logon script field in the users AD account
You could try useing a login script with Robocopy /Move

Recreate the policy for document redirection, under settings change the 'my pictures preferences' to do not specifiy administrative policy for my pictures.
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You can set the registry setting for folder redirection to specify a separate location via the GPO

Here is a doc listing the specific registry keys and locations
Sorry, back to front.
Robocopy "\\server\profiles\redirection\%username% \my pictures" " "%userprofile%\my documents\my pictures"  /MOVE
PT GuyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help
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