joomla : turn off gzip

hi, anyone know a code to turn off gzip in joomla.

Basically i have set the gzip compression ON in Joomla backend. But i want to turn OFF GZIP compression on particular page..

Anyone know how to do this ?
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You can create a file .htaccess
and put it in the folder to disable

In the .htacces file put this line:
RewriteRule . - [E=no-gzip:1]
bcv2010Author Commented:
is this work on one particular page ?

also i would prefer to have a code on .php file instead of htacess
The file .htaccess must be located in the folder root where you want gzip to be disabled

I don not know the way to disabled it trought PHP code
bcv2010Author Commented:
I found a quick and easy way from joomla to do this :

I use setCfg();
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