Destination NAT on VPN

Hello,  I'm going to create 2 new site-to-site VPNs this week and they both use a LAN subnet of and they both are using a Linksys RV042 as their firewall VPN device.  Normally I would do a Source NAT and create the VPN with the NAT'ed subnet.  However, their firewall device can not do a NAT that would solve this issue.   My question is can I create 2 VPN's on my ASA 5500 to the same subnet by NATing their IP's on my end of the VPN?   If so, how can I do that?

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Dave773Connect With a Mentor Commented:
No, you can't do it. I believe that this is mostly due to the return traffic to the two different networks, but eventually you'd have to NAT back to and you'd have two gateways for the traffic, thereby breaking the routing.
I'll wait to see if others chime in, but I don't think that will work unless you can do NAT on the remote side as well.
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