Exchange 2007 BCC field Limit?

What i sthe limit of email address entries in the BCC field of Outlook message?

Exchange 2007 Server  & Outlook 2007 Client
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endital1097Connect With a Mentor Commented:
you can have no recipients listed in the To and Cc fields and then the maximum number is 5000

the limit is the maximum number of recipients you allow
you want to use the Bcc field because using the To and Cc fields will make your message header size too large
you need to determine your organization and connector recipient limits
Get-TransportConfig | fl *Recip*
Get-ReceiveConnector | fl Identity,*Recip*
amku03Author Commented:
This is what i get: MaxRecipientEnvelopeLimit : 5000

Does that mean total recepient ,limit for a mail message including To, CC & BCC is 5000?
Can we get the limit for BCC only?
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