Bulk Add E-mail Address to Existing Mailbox

I have about 450+ existing mailboxes and we need to add a new email address to every user.
Instead of doing manually one by one is there some utility that can do this in bulk?

I need the email address to be the default for most all, but some users will only have it as an extra SMTP address.

I tried ADModify with no luck, as it errors out when I try to make the address Primary.

Any other options?
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TheGorbyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Exchange 2007 is different, good to know! I think this article is exactly what you're looking for:
Well I'm using Exchange 2003 and that's what my screen shot is from, but I would assume that you can change your recipient policy in 2007 just as you can in 2003? Once you update the recipient policy then it should add the entries and set the primary address, if so desired.
to clarify, when you say 'add a new address' do you mean an SMTP address for every user from a different domain?  
If mail for multiple domains is being accepted on an Exchange computer, then the Default Recipient Policy must contain all domains. To configure an Exchange computer to receive mail for multiple domains:
1. Start Exchange System Manager.
2. Click to expand the Recipients container.
3. Click Recipient Policies.
4. Open the properties of the appropriate policy that is displayed in the right pane.
5. Click the E-Mail Addresses tab, and then add any additional Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) addresses that you want the Exchange-based computer to host. For example, to add a new SMTP mail domain, follow these steps: a. Click New, click to select SMTP Address, and click OK.
b. In the Address box, type the at sign (@) followed by the name of the SMTP domain.

For example, to accept mail for Contoso.com, type the following in the Address box, and then click OK:

6. Your new address space is now listed on the E-Mail Address tab. To enable your new address space, click to select the check box next to the address that you created, and then click OK.
Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

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daniel_smithAuthor Commented:
To TheGorby: I am using Exchange 2007 and there is not a Receipiant Policy like that in it.

dandickens: we have multiple domains now, I need to add a new SMTP address to EVERY user, some it will be primary some it wont be.
Your instructions are not for exchange 2007, just as TheGorby suggested, great idea just not the same for exchange 2007
daniel_smithAuthor Commented:
That will ALMOST get me there.
But that will make everyones new SMTP address default which wont work.

Very close.
The users whose new address will not be their default/primary address, are they in a different OU or domain, or do they have any common characteristic that distinguishes them from the users whose new address will be their new default (or vice versa for the users mentioned in the latter)? If so you should be able to create 2 separate policies, one that changes the default address and one that doesn't, and have them apply to the users you want using filters.
From that same article:
"You can now be a bit more selective when defining your target group by using the filter and selecting one or more conditions"
Other than this I guess that's about all I have to offer, I don't have access to an Exch07 machine at the moment.
daniel_smithAuthor Commented:
I didnt see an option to make the new address default or not in those steps. So would their location matter? Wouldnt everyone get it defaulted?
It would appear this is possible, this article explains things in much more detail:
daniel_smithAuthor Commented:
Although I cant use the Policy suggestion to get the results I need for this instance, it is very helpful for future problems that may come up.

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