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I am using Acronis True Image 2010 Plus Pack, I have a Dell server with a Perc100 card with 3 drives inside (RAID5). The problem is when I boot up with the Acronis bootable media CD it doesn't detect the RAID only the 3 separate drives. I think its because of the controller. How can i fix this?
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gikkelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Download a full trial version from Acronis...try one of their business suites.  Kind of off topic and there are more options, but if that doesnt work, you could always go virtual (if your server supports it).  VMware will allow you to convert from the backup image... 
What O/S is on the Dell?
triphenAuthor Commented:
Server 2008 Foundation 63
triphenAuthor Commented:
DavidConnect With a Mentor PresidentCommented:
I don't know w/o looking it up, but go to the acronis site and see if they have the Dell/PERC drivers.  The deal is that there is no universal RAID driver, so they have to write one for every controller they want to support.  Do you remember installing the RAID drivers  and/or verifying that it is a supported system?

One thing that confuses me, why in the heck would it see the individual drives?  Either the controller driver they wrote is broken, or perhaps you have software-based RAID all along?
This is a common issue.  The bootable media cd uses linux drivers and is likely not compatible with your controller.  The reason you are seeing the drives is because it has raw disk access.  There are a few options to continue with your deployment:
1. Download bootable media from their website, it may have compatible drivers:
2. Use the bartpe plug-in.  You can either add the drivers during the build or add them during boot.
triphenAuthor Commented:
both of these options require me to login to dont have a login. any other ideas?
noxchoConnect With a Mentor Global Support CoordinatorCommented:
Do you have WinPE CD for Acronis? If you purchased the full product version then you must be able to get WinPE based Recovery CD. Boot from it and see if the RAID is detected proper way. Meanwhile you are using Linux and it does not see your RAID correctly.
Or go with their competitor - Paragon Drive Backup 10 Server Edition:
It has WinPE Recovery CD with Load Driver option on it to load drivers if you have problems with RAID detection.
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