Static route to use OPT on SonicWall TZ-190

I have an internal address of I want it to use the OPT connection inbound and outbound traffic.  The Ip for the OPT is (for example).

On the WAN port we have DSL and on the OPT port we have 2 T1's bonded multiflex (voice&data).
Failover works and is setup as:
Ethernet Load Balancing
Basic Active/Passive Failover  
Preempt and failback to Primary WAN when possible  

WAN Interfaces Monitoring
Check Interface every   10 seconds  
Deactivate Interface after  3  missed intervals  
Reactivate Interface after   3 successful intervals  

My goal is to setup an online backup service over the OPT.
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digitapConnect With a Mentor Commented:
change dest from secondary gateway to any....and try again.
It sounds like you've got the WAN failover set up right.  What type of static route are you trying to set up?
Cas KristCommented:
You can use the Public server wizard to allow incoming traffic on the OPT interface. Why do you need a static route?
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ShortChopAuthor Commented:
Over the next couple of days (or weeks) I am going to attempt to restore 53 Gb of data from Carbonite. I'd like turn run it 24/7 but I don't want the traffic over the dsl. Ideally I'm going to plug the machine directly into the sonicwall on a LAN port.  Plus if I learn how to do it the sonicwall way I can use it for future projects.
Cas KristCommented:
OK, you can make a static route with which you route all traffic to a certain external ip address over the OPT-Port and the secondary default gateway.
ShortChopAuthor Commented:
Ok here's what it has for Route Policies:
 # Source  Destination  Service  Gateway  Interface  Metric  Priority  Comment  Configure  
 1 Any Any LAN 20 1      
 2 Any Default Gateway Any WAN 20 2      
 3 Any Secondary Default Gateway Any OPT 20 3      
 4 Any WAN Primary Subnet Any WAN 20 4      
 5 Any OPT Subnet Any OPT 20 5      
 6 Any LAN Primary Subnet Any LAN 20 6      
 7 WAN Primary Subnet Any Any Default Gateway WAN 20 7      
 8 OPT Subnet Any Any Secondary Default Gateway OPT 20 8      
 9 Any Any WAN 20 9      

How do I setup a secondary gateway (if the one above is incorrect)?

I setup the workstation to be assigned the address in the DHCP setup in the Sonicwall and also setup the workstation as an address object: ClosetBox Host  LAN  I don't know if either of the above steps were necessary.

You already have a secondary gateway, X3 or the OPT interface.  You want to create a route to look like thisSource: ClosetBox Destination: Secondary Gateway Service: Any Interface: 3
ShortChopAuthor Commented:
Source: ClosetBox
Destination:Secondary Default Gateway
Gateway:Secondary Default Gateway
I set it up like suggested (or maybe not) and no luck.  Still shows DSL IP at

ShortChopAuthor Commented:
thanks for the points!
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