Can you update Citrix Web Interface without updating the base product?

Hello Experts,

We're running presentation server 4.5 and with that we're running Web Interface version 4.5.  I'm interested in some of the features in Web Interface version 5.01 or higher.  Can you update the Web Interface and management console without updating the base Citrix version or do I have to update Presentation server 4.5 to XenApp 5.0 to inherit the new Web Interface?

If I have to update to XenApp 5.0, can I update the Web Interface 5.01 to version 5.3 from there without issue?

Appreciate any feedback.

Server is Windows 2003 R2 Server with SP2 (32Bit), hosting 20 users as a member server in a SBS 2003 domain.

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nappy_dConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes you can.

If you:
- download FP3
- unzip the package to a directory
- a sub directory will be created for WebInterface.
- Run the installer and perform your upgrade.
Carl WebsterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can upgrade to any version of WI 5.x without upgradng the your version of XenApp/PS.

Make sure your export your webinterface.conf just in case.  WI 5.3 now comes with its own mgmt console.  I think Citrix collects mgmt consoles! :)
leonardroganAuthor Commented:
Thanks Guys.  I'll go through this next week and let you know.
leonardroganAuthor Commented:
Thanks Guys.  I've given both of you points because you both helped and gave advise.

There's also a handy little link here.

FYI, I went from 4.5 to 5.01 then to 5.3 and I have to say the new interface looks awesome.

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