Exchange 2010 Public Folder Auto Reply using Outlook 2007 not working


I hope someone can help with this issue as I am loosing hair trying to find the fix!

My Set-Up:
Exchange 2010 Standard with Public Folders
I have FULL rights to all public fodler (owner, contact etc)
I have Send as permissions to all public fodlers
I rebooted my PC
I am using
OL 2007

I right click on a public folder called test
I click on the Administration tab
I click on Folder Assistant
I click on Add Rule
I tick the box called "Reply With"
I click on Template
I create the response "Thank you for your email"
I click on the cross and try to save/enable the template
It asks me if I want it to firefor all incoming messages and I say yes
I click on OK and get an erro "changes to therule cannot be saved"

To try and resolve this message, I tried the following:

Save the template before I click on the X as an oft file - same error when I try and OK out of the Folder Assistant

Change the Auto Reply from HTML to Plain txt - same error

No matter what stpes I have taken to resolve the issue, I have the exact same issue. Please can someone help?


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bestchoiceitAuthor Commented:
Hi Heensit,

The issue has now been resolved.

Here is the fix:

•      To resolve the issue, we need to provide user following permission
¿  Owner permission on Public Folder
¿  "Receive as" permission on Exchange Administrative Group
Here is an example
¿  Create public Folder (Pub04)
¿  Mail enable the public folder
¿  Created a new mailbox test04 (Using the EMC)
¿  Provide Owner permision to test04 on pub04 public folder by running below command
Add-publicFolderClientPermission \pub04 -AccessRights Owner -User test04
¿  Go to Adsiedit and follow below step to provide "Receive as" permission on Exchange Administrative Group (FY DIBOHF23SPDLT)
•        Go to Configuration ¿ services ¿ Microsoft Exchange ¿ Org Name ¿ Administrative Groups ¿ Exchange Administrative Group (FY DIBOHF23SPDLT)
•        Go to properties of Exchange Administrative Group and select Security tab
•        Select "Advanced" option for security tab
•        Select Add and choose test04 users, it should open up another window to provide permissions
•        Make sure under "Apply to" section we have "This object and all descendant objects"
•        Check "Receive as" permission and select apply
¿  Log in to client machine with test04 account and try to create rule with Reply With template option

Please let me know if you need any further help,

Try adding a Send-As Permission for the user that is creating the rule.
i mean send as permission on the mail enabled public folder.
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bestchoiceitAuthor Commented:
Mr Mkris9

Done that already. So for example, I am known as jadmin in AD. the public folder is called Test. In Exchange 2010, I go into the Test Public Folder and add me with Send As permissions.

But the above did not help.


bestchoiceitAuthor Commented:
I'll be calling Microsoft about this issue today. Tried to set an auto reply for a PF from Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010 - same error.
Filip HeensCommented:
Hi, I'm having the same problem.
I can save a delete rule, but it won't save the reply rule.
I don't get any errors, just when I reopen the folder assistant, the reply rule is gone...
If you hear anything from MS, can you please post it here?
Thanks in advance
Filip HeensCommented:
Nope it's not working :(
When I create a rule and select reply, make a template, click save and ok, the apply button stays grey.
When I then click again on folder assistant, the newly created rule is already gone.

I did however also clear the dney option on the receive as for severale groups where this user is part of (domain admins, enterprise admin, public folder admin, ...)
bestchoiceitAuthor Commented:

Assuming you have this issue on Exchange 2010, would you like me to take a look at your server for you?

Filip HeensCommented:
It is tempting, but what would you like to see/do and how ;-)

Maybe it is because I'm working with Outlook 2010 via Outlook anywhere, that I don't get any errors?
Maybe it's better to use one off calls I still have at MS? ;-)
bestchoiceitAuthor Commented:
Hi Heensit,

I would use a tool that you would set up for me - i.e you RDP to your Exchange server and setup Teamviewer - thus I can connect and you can see what I am doing.

If you have MS support, that is also one way to go.

Essentially, to be able to set the Reply With rule on a Public Folder, it wouold appear you need 3 things in place:

1. Full rights to the PF for the users who will set up the Reply With
2. SendAs permissions on that PF for the user who will set up the Reply With
3. Receive As permissions via ADSI edit

Again, let me know if you need further assistance as this issue bugged the hell out of me too!

May be this helps !!!  
But I had the sendas permissions issue on mailboxes. After days of research we discoverd this is also due to Offline address Book outlook cached mode.
If this related to particular mailboxes advice users to disable chached mode and re-enable it. ( This does something to OAB as well).
How often does the OAB refresh?
bestchoiceitAuthor Commented:

Why delete??? I asked a question and provided my own soloution! This may help someone in the future...

bestchoiceitAuthor Commented:
No updates added to this post for a while and issue has been resolved.
Marco van BeekManaging DirectorCommented:
This is a major problem and the fix provided is a VERY dangerous hack. A valid solution should work for any user given permission via either Outlook, the Exchange Management Console or the Exchange Management Shell.
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