T7316E - Phone Rings once every time call comes into the building

This is considered a very frustrating item to our assistant controller, which trickles down to a very frustrating item for me to hear about ;)...We currently have the Nortel Norstar system at our location.  Every phone is a t7316e Model.  We currently have 12 lines coming into the building, and every time a call comes in, the assistant controller's phone rings one single time.
I have already tried the following:
1. Copying the phone settings from a phone where this is not occurring.
2. Switching out the phone

I know it has to be programmed into the phone specifically (As opposed to the line), due to the fact that when I took my phone and plugged it into the same socket, it did not ring the one time.

Please help!  I am sure it is an easy fix, but my MIS degree doesn't cover phone issues....
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JaCrewsConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
It was a setting in the Norstar system.  Somewhere, someone had configured the Line Ringing Group to include the secretary (correct) and this extension (incorrect).  To change I had to:
1. Login to system programming
2. Go to Services
3. Ringing Service
4. Ringing Group
5. Select grp001
6. Find the incorrect extension and set it to "unassigned"
If you move the phone to a new location the problem moves? If so, you probably have a bad phone. Just replace the phone. If you move the phone and the trouble stays there, and you have copied the provisioning from another port to that port, you may gave a bad port. Move the phone to a different port. If you have multiple cards in your system, you don't mention which model or it's hardware configuration, you might swap the cards to see if the problem moves. If it does the card has a bad port and you could replace the card.
I object as I see multiple issues with this being the fix. First, if the issue was the phone being assigned to the ring group it would not ring one time as mentioned in the original post. It would ring the same way as the other phones in the group. With one possible exception, if the phone was setup for call forwarding you might get a ring splash with the phone rang which would sound like the phone rang once. Nortel used the ring splash to help users remember that a phone was forwarded. However this brings me to the second point.

In the original post you state, "I know it has to be programmed into the phone specifically (As opposed to the line), due to the fact that when I took my phone and plugged it into the same socket, it did not ring the one time." If your "fix" corrected it then this statement must be false.  Programming in the Norstar is based on the hardware port. If you swapped your phone in the place of this one as stated, the ring group would still have rang the same as the original one. The only way that swapping your phone fixes this is if the phone is bad. I asked if the problem moved if you moved this phone to a new port as this would help to identify the bad phone. Some Norstar phone can fail in such a way that the EMF generated during the initial ring can sometime cause a phone to trigger a single ring. It isn't that common but over the years I have replaced a few phones for this issue.

I object to the closing of this in this manner because 1) the poster did provided incomplete and/or inaccurate information, 2) the poster did not provide feedback to the questions asked, and 3) based on several years of experience, I do not believe this was the complete fix. I suspect that you had a bad phone and that in the trouble shooting that was done the original phone was replaced which actually fixed the issue. I also suspect that the bad phone will resurface to cause an issue later but luckily that won't be my problem.

JaCrewsAuthor Commented:
jfaubiontx - My response - If you need points so badly as to contest these for a questions YOU HAD ABSOLUTELY NO PART IN ANSWERING, feel free.  VEE Mod, go ahead and grant him the points.
In good faith, I took the time to attempt to answer your question even though you provided incomplete and inaccurate information. I attempted to give you some options to check and an opportunity to provide feedback so that we could get your system working. Most people asking questions here are grateful enough for the effort provided that they give the points they got for FREE to the person attempting to answer their question. A small percentage are low life's that use the answers they got and then try to weasel their way out of awarding the points by stating that the person didn't provide the answer, they found it themselves, or that it is not longer a problem.

Please keep in mind that many people volunteer their time and knowledge here to answer these questions and in most cases the person asking the question is gracious enough to offer points. Many of us use these points to keep free access to the system so that maybe one day we can ask a question or two. Some of us do it for the recognition of our peers. One thing I can assure you is that none of us volunteer our time and knowledge to be insulted by dweebs that are too cheap to call someone in to properly fix their problem.

You requested information using point you got for FREE. Now your so worried about the points that even FREE is too expensive for you even if someone did take the time to bother answering. As Vee_Mod knows I usually recommend the closing of these questions without refund or award of the points. This is because I don't feel right getting points if your not satisfied but at the same time I feel there should be a penalty for not at least providing the feedback to allow someone to get you a proper answer.

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