Run an Outlook 2007 rule only if the mail is 1 week old

How do I run an Outlook 2007 rule on mail only if it is older than 7 days? I don't want to "specify a date span" everytime. The rule simply moves the mail into a subfolder.
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sunnyc7Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You cannot do that.
Rules can be run;
a) When a message arrives.
b) When a message is sent.

garion1Author Commented:
Thanks. Do you know of any third-party software which can do this?
will post back if I find something.
garion1Author Commented:
I think I am being a bit silly. I should just disable the rule and run it once a week.
garion1Author Commented:
I was hoping for an automated solution but manually processing the rule once per week is not too difficult a task.
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