How to Change A Printer/Definition For User on AS400?

We use Oracle ERP software. and we run it on AS400 server. every user who uses the software is setup so that when they go to print reports in the JD Edwards software it gos to an AS400 output Q and then prints to there printer.

Well, we have a user who has had there printer changed. Changed from a Canon copier to a Lanier LD225 printer. I am not familiar with how to change the printer definition or driver on the 400. But I did go out to there website to make sure that new printer was in the supported list and it is. see screen print below.

The printer that she is currently setup to print to is: QGPL/CTCFPRT01

if her printer has changed what will I need to change on the AS400? Where do I need to go or command (s) to use? Would I need to go into the printer definition of CTHFPRT01 and make a change there??

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dcgrindleConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Remote printer queue on that chgoutq means it is configured LPR/LPD.  Here are the instructions for setting up that RMTOUTQ

The transform settings which control the driver language are on the rmt outq description.

Buried in that article is the information I think you need to know:
Changing a Remote Output Queue Description

After a Remote Output Queue has been configured, there is no need to delete and re-create the Remote Output Queue to make any changes. The Remote Output Queue description can be changed by doing the following:
1      Use the End Writer (ENDWTR ) command with the When to end writer (OPTION) parameter set to *IMMED to end the writer immediately.
2      Use the Work with OUTQ Description (WRKOUTQD ) command to display the Remote Output Queue's current settings.
3      Verify that the status shows that a writer is not active to this output queue.
4      Press the F13 (Change) key to run the Change Output Queue (CHGOUTQ ) command.
5      Make the desired changes to the Remote Output Queue description. Press the Enter or F16 (Command complete) key when finished.

Note: The F9 (All parameters) and Page Down keys can be used to get to all of the desired parameters.
6      If needed, use the Start Remote Writer (STRRMTWTR ) command to restart the writer.

You may not have to change anything.  what is the symtom?
Note that "HP5SI" in the image.  If the Canon was setup to use that emulation then you are set.

Those options are contained in the device descriotion. WRKDEVD CTCFPRT01.  then use option 5 to display.

Steve Bowdoin
matrix0511Author Commented: I'm wondering if I have the right printer device name. I always get this confused on the 400 cause I know the outputq can be the same name as the printer device name but not always the case.

when I run  the command WRKDEVD CTCFPRT01 it doesn't show my printer. see below.

is it possible the device name is different from the output Q name (CTCFPRT01)??

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I may have let you astray.  Sometimes people dont create device descriptions.  they use LPR.

try CHGOUTQ CTCFPRT01.  press enter a few times and find "Manufacturer type and model".  Ensure the new printer supports that data stream.  Other items found here may be usefull.

You will have to ENDWTR to be able to actually make a change.

matrix0511Author Commented:
Steve, when I run CHGOUTQ CTCFPRT01 and hit enter nothing happens. nothing comes up. I tried prompting F4. I get the screen below but when I hit enter it just takes me back to command line.

am I missing something?

matrix0511Author Commented:
Oh. you have to end writer even to "view" the setup?
Before my last post, I verified my suggestions on one of my clients machines.  I did not have to end the writer to view.

Do what ya gotta do...  :->

matrix0511Author Commented:
Well, for some reason nothing happens with that command. any other way of seeing the printer  info I need?
Here is what i did....

press F4 on chgoutq then F10

page down, press enter twice.

Writer never stopped.


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