GroupWise 8 and Exchange 2003 connector

I have not tested it possible to use the Exchange 2003 Groupwise connector to create a link between Exchange and Groupwise 8?  I'm trying to determine what migration tools will work with Groupwise 8 other than the Quest groupwise migrator.  This is a migration from Groupwise to Exchange.
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ZENandEmailguyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The gateway from Novell for Exchange (free) will only run on Exchange 2003.  If you are moving from GW8 to Exchange 2007, and want to use this co-existence gateway while you migrate, you MUST build your Exchange organization with the 2003 version and then after it is built, add 2007 Exch. servers to the system.  When the migration is done, you can remove the gateway and the 2003 system.  Do not try this configuration with Exch. 2010 as something doesn't connect correctly between the 2010 server and the 2003 server for the gateway to use.

With Novell's gateway will provide bi-directional busy search, full address book sync both ways as well as all messaging.  Plus for GW users sending to a migrated Exch. user, they will get the auto-status message back.  Something you should know on that point is that is your GW users are used to using their Sent Items folder and items in it for tracking delivery and other activity, they lose that with Outlook.  There is no status with an Exch. sent message other than a delivery notification that the recipient gets to choose whether or not its sent back.

Quest works but a better solution would be found at where you'll find the M+Migrator tools and techniques.


P.S. The Microsoft created GroupWise connector will not work with GW8.
patriotsAuthor Commented:
Good information, thank you.
patriotsAuthor Commented:
@ ZENandEmailguy

I believe your name is Scott from all of these posts.  Your answers have been most helpful.  I'm following up b/c I need final appears from your post and other questions you've chimed in on that if our organization is already on GroupWise 8 (as ours is) we can forget using the Exchange 2003 connector for GroupWise.  If this is in fact true, then we really have no coexistence options for a migration other than something that Quest or Messaging Architects can provide.  Even their solutions only offer a few weeks of some coexistence during a migration.  There is no real solution for coexistence for GW8 to Exchange 2007 or 2010 for any length of time beyond a migration process that's confined to just a few weeks while data is copied, and even then it's not true coexistence other than the ability to copy data from one system to the other.

We must migrate...the decision is made.  We haven't yet extended the Active Directory schema for Microsoft Exchange.  Obviously we want to make the right choice on the exchange version we install since it's a one way, one time decision that cannot be reversed w/out totally redeploying the domain, which for us would be impossible with 1200 AD users.  If it makes no difference, then we might as well start with Exchange 2010.
I'm glad you've not introduced Exchange to AD yet. The Novell gateway will work fine with GW8 and MSE 07 or 10 IF you install MSE 03 first with Forest Prep and Domain Prep followed by the Novell gateway. Once it is up and running and working with one or two test accounts that are MSE03 based, you introduce your first MSE07 or MSE10 server.

If you are able to do the above you cab co-exist fir as long as you like. My biggest project in 2009 saw us use the Novell gateway with MSE03 and MSE07 for seven months before the final cutover took place. I'm skunauatigtgdotnet fwiw.  

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