Win XP Pro (SP3) no internet/ no network/ no I.P no connectivity at all.

Hey Experts, this one has me really confused.
winxp pro sp3 intel MB clone pc,  boots fine, normally connected to a peer-2-peer network.
receptionist said everything was fine all morning long. went to lunch, came back an hour later
and was kicked off the server, had no internet, no connectivity.

so heres what i've done thus far...
1. rebooted all routers, switches/hubs, etc..  even though she's the only one with this prob.
2. replaced her cat cable
3. replaced her nic
4. tried to repair the tcp settings
5. reset the tcp stack
6. reinstalled sp3
7. scanned and rescanned with several different malware/antivirus programs.
8. booted winxp cd and did a repair on the OS.
done much more.
no matter what i do i cannot get an ip via dhcp, even ifi set an ip static, no go.

i can take her cat5 line and plug it into my laptop and recieve an ip in like 10 seconds.
i've narrowed it down to something with XP..
this is a dentist's office,  i have already been given the green light to format.
if i do this, it will be moved up to win7 pro,  but crap... there are so many applications, configs, i really dont want to format..  :(
please help .. im outta ideas..

im taking it back to my office, will have a 40 mintute drive, check back in then
thanks in advance.
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konathalaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If they had sonic firewall, you got the solution in your hands. Just login to the firewall and add an exception to the firewall using firewall wizard, not manually. that will solve your problem
If you boot with a livecd, like an Ubuntu livedisk, do you have network connectivity?

What kind of network card?
Have you tried changing the system name and adding it to domain. if not, try it. That helped me in a similar situation.
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Sounds like a possible LSP issue.

Try this:

If it finds things to remove, let it.

Also could try HiJack This! to find LSPs

Good luck!
I agree that it sounds like malware more than anything else.

I hope this helps !
GBTA_TECHAuthor Commented:
just brought this POS thing back to my office plugged it in to my network and it recieved an IP immediately.

so what the hell..  
how can i be denied at the dentist office, and allowed at my office,  sounds like a firewall issue doesnt it.

hmm,  they do have an old sonicwall tz-170 firewall,  however,  lan to lan traffic would not be filtered by
the firewall.. in other words,  if i set a static ip on the nic, i should be able to ping the pc there acting as a server (xp box)

there is no true server there, so i dont have to worry about domains, or A.D,  or DNS.

Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
Is it possible that the DHCP server is filled up at the dentist office?  That is, it has no more addresses to dole out from its allocated pool?  It's very possible to *not* get a warning when this happens.
Where was the static addess that you gave it?  Inside or outside the DHCP range?
I have seen XP machines refuse to take a static/manual IP address when there was another duplicate on the network. *No warning here!!*  So, might that have happened with your static address by any chance at all?
Why not stick with XP? It might be a better idea if you get to that point.  I don't think that's it ... yet.
A long shot in view of what you've told us so far:
Look for a root kit parasite? I've cleaned up PC's "completely" only to find that they still had issues due to a root kit. Depends on your cleanup approach I guess.... I get 97% success with comprehensive but not "acid test" cleanups unless I have to ... lower risk, more time now and then.

Rick JohnsonSystems AdministratorCommented:
it's also possible that the NIC has a speed mismatch with the switch port.
Try take a switch with you connect to the line in the office in question then patch to the desktop and laptop
could be a signal strengh / line quality issue on the line to the office try patching directly to the main switch or router in the office demark this will rule out an overall network issue

I had the same thing happen to me in a dentists office line ran through a wall past some xray equipment in the adjecent suite it made the line nearly unusable it worked when it wanted to put a small netgear 4 port swtich in and it boosted the signal just enough to get the job done.

Take a toner wand with you try to tone the line see if the warble makes it through clean or all fuzzy and dulled out.
GBTA_TECHAuthor Commented:
im heading back onsite this afternoon to try your ideas,  will report back.

thanks everyone.

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